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February 1, 2012











I mentioned a while back that I was trading my master bedroom with my home office in order to have more space for not only my sister and myself but for our new employee. (!!!)

While I was away at Alt Summit Jeremy and my sister, Tara, completely set up the new office with plants, a new light fixture and an organizational overhaul. As Tara was going through my desk drawers and sorting through old boxes in the closet she found my diary from 1991 in which I describe what I want to be wearing at my own funeral. I’m giving my 9 year old self a big hug right now. But in the event that I die anytime soon please, dear readers, make sure my family knows that I want all my boots (including Mister Scooty Boots) to go with me. Like a Pharoah who takes her belongings with her to her tomb.

Enough of that depressing chatter. Back to the office! It’s so bright and airy and perfect. We considered renting a space for a while (to feel more legit) but nothing quite compared to my home. So we hired a legitimate employee instead. We’re all in the same space, our office feels like an office and work feels like work. And if Jeff Lewis can run a business and make millions from his living room so can we.

Oh and remember the DIY desks I tried to make? I ended up painting them with chalkboard paint and throwing them on the wall instead. Now they serve as a calendar board and client / project list. We ended up buying two large, sturdy dining room tables to create one big work space for all of us to sit at. So maybe I don’t hate DIY afterall.

What do you think about the new space? Do you work from home too?

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