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I mentioned a while back that I was trading my master bedroom with my home office in order to have more space for not only my sister and myself but for our new employee. (!!!)

While I was away at Alt Summit Jeremy and my sister, Tara, completely set up the new office with plants, a new light fixture and an organizational overhaul. As Tara was going through my desk drawers and sorting through old boxes in the closet she found my diary from 1991 in which I describe what I want to be wearing at my own funeral. I’m giving my 9 year old self a big hug right now. But in the event that I die anytime soon please, dear readers, make sure my family knows that I want all my boots (including Mister Scooty Boots) to go with me. Like a Pharoah who takes her belongings with her to her tomb.

Enough of that depressing chatter. Back to the office! It’s so bright and airy and perfect. We considered renting a space for a while (to feel more legit) but nothing quite compared to my home. So we hired a legitimate employee instead. We’re all in the same space, our office feels like an office and work feels like work. And if Jeff Lewis can run a business and make millions from his living room so can we.

Oh and remember the DIY desks I tried to make? I ended up painting them with chalkboard paint and throwing them on the wall instead. Now they serve as a calendar board and client / project list. We ended up buying two large, sturdy dining room tables to create one big work space for all of us to sit at. So maybe I don’t hate DIY afterall.

What do you think about the new space? Do you work from home too?

• A Switcheroo
• My old home office
• New master bedroom sneak peek

  1. Alyssa

    LOVE the long table & all of the natural light… so jealous! Look ah-mazing Kathleen!

  2. Naurnie

    Please tell your 9 year old self that I am still working on your funeral playlist. xxo

  3. Awesoooome! And that’s so cool that you have an employee. Makes me think of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer starts Kramerica Industries and gets an intern. I want one.

  4. Ashlae

    What an awesome surprise to come back to! Jeremy and Tara did an incredible job. And I love the idea of using two dining room tables as a workspace – you can never have too much tabletop.

  5. Love this…and the light and warm feel would make anyone want to be creative! Nice job, folks!

  6. Chelsi

    That looks fantastic! Now where can I find a hanging planter like that?

  7. I love how bright it is. And Kristin has some rockin’ personal style. Best of all? The custom stamp. I ordered two last night so now I feel like someone is in my head.


    It’s so beautiful! Love it!

  9. Erin

    2 tables are better than one;) The new space looks really great! Did you make holes in the table to hide the computer cords? That would make me nervous. Ha!


  10. i think your new space looks incredible and i think i’d like you to come and makeover MY office space.

    i love the minimalistic approach and the use of white. i’m LOOOVING that in design right now.

    looks awesome kathleen!

  11. it looks amazing!

    i work from home, my space isn’t quite so polished…

  12. I am a little bit in lust with that light fixture!

  13. The new office space is fantastic! I love all the small touches, like the plants and light and typewriter.

    As for your funeral notes, I did something similar around that age. It’s not that I was depressed or morbid, but I was just considering death and wanted to make sure people didn’t mess up what I wanted (which was, of course, a huge party with bright colors and good music).

  14. beautiful space.. and love the name scooty boots (;

  15. Vanessa

    I am TOTALLY LOVING your new office space.

    On a different note, I think it would be rad if you did a mock up Anatomy of an Outfit of your funeral attire as described by your nine-year-old-self (vs. what you’d like now maybe?). I seem to be on an AoaO kick (per my comment on the Braid blog yesterday). I should dig up my old journals and see what gems lie within.

    All the best to you. I hope I can one day utilize your services, but I don’t think I’ll ever be an artist-preneur or small business owner. My boyfriend is starting a small/freelance music business so I’ve passed on your Freelance Matters posts to him and will forward your branding toolkit as well. Who knows, maybe he’ll get consulting from Braid and I can live vicariously through him (say hi on skype:P).

  16. Vanessa

    Oh, also, why is R in place of Thursday? (just curious:))

  17. Laura

    I also work from home as a graphic designer, so I know how important it is that your office space is the perfect balance of tranquil and inspiring. I surround myself with tons of plants and gemstones and things that remind me of the outdoors. Thanks for sharing your space. Love the chalkboard calendar idea! How often do spontaneous croquet games sprout up?? Fun. 🙂

  18. While I drool over work spaces like this, my real estate situation is not nearly so ideal. Do you have any tips for creating two highly functional/stylish micro-workspaces in a 1-BR rental shared by two people and a rat?

    I especially like the conical planter… I might have to DIY one up for myself!

  19. Ramona

    love love love the look of the office!

  20. Corrin

    I failed miserably at working from home so I just live vicariously through you guys. Looks wonderful.

  21. Unknown

    What a beautiful space! Would you mind sharing where you got the hanging planter?

  22. Wow! Thanks you guys!

    Erin – There are two tables. The cords are just running up the seam between the two tables. No holes – though, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

    Vanessa – YES. It would be a green plaid dress with a peter pan collar. That might actually be pretty cute now. And yes – Kristin is a stylish badass.

    Laura – The weather has been so nice lately – hopefully a spontaneous game of croquet is in the cards.

    Unknown – The light and hanging planter are both from Lowes (can you believe it!?)

  23. Deb

    Love the space Kathleen. I have a wall in my home office that I was going to spray paint chalk paint to wood and hang them up for calendar, to do’s and inspirational notes. Seeing it here inspires me to follow through. I already have the paint and the wall…I just need to make a trip to Lowes! I’m so happy for you that your business is doing so incredibly well. I’m still hoping one day we’ll bump into one another in OKC! Pretty confident we frequent a lot of the same establishments.

  24. What a great space! The color, light and thoughtful accessories are fantastic! I wish you the best of luck growing your business in this stylish space, it’s going to be good.

  25. Laura

    It’s FANTASTIC! I love all the natural light and the plants.

    I used to work from a tiny desk in the corner of the living room, until Ben insisted that I take the large dining room table and make it my desk. He said a small space was cramping my ideas, and he was totally right! Since then we’ve turned the front room into an office, and he also has a small office that he works from outside the home. Working from home is great (a kitchen!), as long as I remember to set a boundary between work time and relax time.

  26. Nicole

    I’m loving the natural light too! I don’t have enough of that in my home office space. I really like the long table for you guys. Seems very cooperative and very Braid. Super excited for you guys!

  27. I love your office space! So inspiring.. It’s been such a treat to see you make the leap from being employed to being self-employed to now employing others! Thanks for letting us follow the journey.. And I finally subscribed to your Braid blog – how did I not know about that one? 🙂

  28. I love the light fixture! Working in your home must be amazing. I sure wouldn’t miss my commute!!

  29. sarah

    LOVE YOUR OFFICE SPACE! And your blog!


  30. janis

    it does not surprise me at all that you have a rad office, but you really do. love all the plants & amazing other little touches.

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