Tofu and Cauliflower Fried "Rice"

February 27, 2012




This dish was inspired by a few things:
1. On Saturday I ate way too many brownies and corn chips and pizza. I was feeling it on Sunday. This meal chock full of veggies made me feel a little more whole again.

2. Well Fed. Sometimes I forget that this isn’t just a pretty book I designed but an actual cookbook. With really great recipes. This recipe is Pork Fried Rice – I just substituted tofu* for pork and threw some Best Stir Fry Sauce Ever (p. 51 in Well Fed) in there. What’s especially cool about this recipe is the added dose of veggies by substituting rice with cauliflower.

(*NOTE: The tofu takes this recipe out of the Paleo category but it is vegan. And delicious.)

3. I watched an episode of “America’s Worst Cooks” where they made a meal using tofu (which one contestant kept calling “tufo”) and green onions cut on the bias. Afterwards got all riled up & competitive and felt the need to cook with tofu and green onions. Which is silly because these ingredients are go-to staples that I could cook with my eyes closed.

4. I’ve been bored with the same ol’ veggies I’ve been cooking lately (lots of winter squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes). So I thought I’d change things up a little with cabbage and bok choy. It made me so happy to pull myself out of a food rut.

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