3 Years

March 29, 2012


Yesterday morning Jeremy and I had both forgotten it was our 3 year anniversary.

So that evening after work, we decided to celebrate by ordering an Old Fashioned or two at our favorite bar. We discussed how life would be different if we weren’t married. We talked about how far we’ve come in 3 years – from short black hair to long blonde curls. From the sandy beaches in Mexico to the top of Kala Patthar in Nepal. We talked about our favorite parts of being together and least favorites (for Jeremy it’s doing my laundry – but that was part of our prenup).

After an hour or two of chatting and sipping on our cocktails a man named Larry came and sat down next to us. Larry is a metal artist and architectural designer. In fact, he had a part in building this house. When I told him I blogged about that house and was then invited to a house tour he exclaimed “You’re the blogger!” Apparently he had heard that story. We spent the rest of our evening with Larry talking about life, art, design, architecture. And when we told him it was our anniversary he treated us to champagne. It was perfect.

When we got up to leave we both gave Larry a big hug. He told Jeremy that he was a winner winner chicken dinner. But we all know I’m the lucky winner here.

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