The Best Weekend Of My Life



Last weekend was hands down the best weekend of my life. It was the kind of weekend I’ll forever be chasing and trying to recreate. I took a couple days off work and spent 4 days at my parent’s house on the lake between marathons of Settlers of Catan with my siblings. We even got in a huge, serious fight over questionable moves which in hindsight only contributes to the awesomeness of the weekend. Every story needs a little conflict, right? I soaked up some sun with Tara on the deck on the lake and while Jeremy baited hook after hook for all our nephews.

I hardly have the words for how magical last weekend was – but I have to make note of it here so I can always remember how fantastic those 4 little days were.

Happy Friday everyone. Here’s to the weekend.

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  1. vron

    Kathleen – We have a special word in my family for when you overreact to a moment in Settlers: a “catantrum.” No good game is complete without one. Happy Weekend!

  2. Sounds like the PERFECT weekend. I love Catan!!

  3. Ha, I had to laugh at the Settlers of Catan comment. My boyfriend and I once broke up over that game due to “questionable moves” and also he was ganging up against me with the other players, I swear it! Haha, totally traumatizing at the time…..but now somewhat funny 🙂

  4. I think I may have already shared this with you but because I watched the Metal Evolution marathon again this weekend and since you posted Donny’s image I have to say I got a bit giddy when I “KNEW” someone on TV. Not that I’ve ever met your brother but when he came on the screen I was like AWESOME… I know his sister, I read her blog and while I don’t KNOW either of you personally/in real life it’s still funny to recognize someone in the media. 🙂

  5. vron – “Catantrum” is my new favorite word. My whole family had a good laugh at that one – thank you!

    Kelly – That is so cool! I’ve yet to see Metal Evolution – I need to keep my eyes peeled. I’m hoping he gets a show of his own one day soon!

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