Brand Identity: Leo Evidente Photographers

April 26, 2012


When my sister and I first started Braid Creative we thought we might specialize in doing work for the financial industry – you see, we both have 20+ years of combined agency experience branding and creating campaigns for financial institutions. I was a little hesitant at the idea after a year of working on invitations and working with creative entrepreneurs. I wanted to keep working with “my people”. So I’m going to consider it a sign that our first clients out of the gate were Leo and Kat Evidente. A pair of wedding photographers in Ventura, California.

With a few Skype sessions my sister and I walked Leo and Kat through our method to uncover and materialize their brand. Leo and Kat were so cool and stylish and enthusiastic about launching their business (but maybe also a little freaked out – it’s scary being an artistpreneur). And we didn’t just give them a logo – we gave them a story and a healthy dose of confidence to hit the ground running. We felt like we had really made a difference and like that “my people” became “our people”. My sister, Tara, fell in love with working with creative entrepreneurs too.


Leo and Kat were looking for a brand that really captured their sense of modern-meets-vintage style. They really wanted to keep the name Leo Evidente Photographers (I think it’s great when artistpreneurs utilize their name and personal brand to make their mark in their industry) – but they also wanted to find a way to include Kat in the mix. I addressed this by using 2 vintage wood-cut lions (in 2 colors) in their logo design. As I was going through Leo and Kat’s portfolio I found that neutral colors + pops of red kept appearing throughout their work – I wanted to capture that aesthetic in their logo as well.

Their dream client is a young couple with a point-of-view and a story to tell.  Leo and Kat are sure to tell that story with their one-of-a-kind style.

Anyway, I’m super thankful to Leo and Kat for letting us uncover their brand and for helping Braid narrow in on its dream customer.

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