Burning Sage

April 5, 2012





Three years ago Jeremy and I went to Taos, New Mexico for our honeymoon. The road trip was cut short by Jeremy’s appendix threatening to burst. The only souvenirs we came home with were two sticks of sage from the Taos Pueblo. The woman who sold them to us told us that you can clear out bad energy from your house by burning these sticks of sage.

Our house has never had bad energy. But me… well, I have some energy that could use some cleansing.


Last night I had a spontaneous dinner with some new friends (who are amazingly legit artists) where we talked art, politics, connection – really amazing things. I came home energized and happy. I told Jeremy all about my evening and we continued the conversation over a glass of wine in our living room. I told Jeremy how much I love my life right now – the pieces might not all fit together perfectly all the time – but I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be.

Anyway, I’m not sure exactly how it went down but Jeremy made a small joke about me always being angry. He was just teasing but I hold the belief that in every tease is a truth. And the truth is – I’ve had this underlying simmer of anger coursing through my blood my whole life. Sometimes it’s luke warm and sometimes it boils. I’ve been trying to keep it cool ever since Jeremy and I got together. And over the past year I’ve really been flexing my muscle around becoming the person I want to be: kind, enthusiastic, creative and full of light and love. But damn. Sometimes it’s just too easy to indulge in being mad, impatient and insecure.

I get angry about stuff like Dinahsaur’s tail in my face when I’m trying to eat. I get frustrated with my inability to string the right words together to clearly communicate exactly what I want to say when talking business with my sister. And while I dream big and have grand goals sometimes I get insecure and pissed about not being there already.

Last night I was verbalizing all of this to Jeremy. And he said something wise about going with the flow and I told him that I just don’t. know. how.

That’s when he suggested we finally burn that sage.

Now, all I know about burning sage is information here and there passed down from friends and movies. So no disrespect to anyone who knows how this is actually supposed to go. (Since last night I’ve researched the whole sage burning process. Trust. I’ll be having a do-over.) But last night I was going by instinct. I was doing whatever I could to permanently cleanse myself of these bad vibes I’ve been carrying around for no good reason.

So Jeremy and I lit a stick of sage and filled every corner in our home with the smoke. I demanded that the bad vibes be gone. And you guys, I could feel it working.

I woke up in the middle of the night and could smell the sage smoke in my hair. It reminded me that I’m not angry anymore.

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