Walking to Work

April 2, 2012






There are some days when I never step outside. Not even once. Or on less extreme days I might not go outside until after work.

Another Confession: I spend over 2 hours easing in to my day. That means I wake up at 6:15 AM and don’t sit down to start working until 8:30. During that time I’m doing nothing but sip on coffee while browsing through my RSS feed and perusing Pinterest. It’s a luxury I don’t take for granted.

But this morning I decided I needed a change of pace. Before I left my full time job to take the leap into freelance I would walk 3 miles to work a few days each week. I always felt so accomplished and alive even before I started my day. So this morning I went for a walk. I strapped on my feety-shoes and walked out the door, down the street, around the park, past my dream house and down sunny roads. I said “Good Morning” to every single person I passed by. And when I circled around back home and walked through my door I found myself at work. Already feeling so accomplished. Good morning, indeed.

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