Armpit Matters 2.0

May 15, 2012


This time last year I wrote a post about my armpits. To date it is the post that received the most comments. It turns out you ladies just want to talk about the space between your arm and your torso – and you’re in good company. Consider this a safe place to discuss all things armpit.

Just to recap – here are my thoughts on the deodorants I post about last year:
• Scent of Samadhi – I still love this stuff but on the hottest days of the year it doesn’t hold up. It’s still my favorite when the weather is cool.
• Aromarant by Lush – This bar dried out and kind of hurt to rub on so I wound up never using it much.
• DeoDry by The Body Shop – It smells really great on it’s own but the way it reacts to my chemical makeup makes it smell funky when it goes on. It also seemed to make me extra sweaty and didn’t really last when it came to holding down these powerful pheromones I’ve got.

So basically, I smelled like a hippie through the hottest summer ever. But I was working by myself so it didn’t really matter. This summer I work with two other people and out of consideration I figured I needed to grasp control of the situation. But now along with aluminum in my deodorant I’m kind of freaked out about parabens and other toxic chemicals not just in my deodorant but in my cosmetics.


So, I recently read this article on Rookie Magazine (yeah, I read an online magazine geared toward teenage girls. What of it!?) that reviewed a few different types of deodorants – including those that fit my criteria of being non-toxic and aluminum free. And if I’m going to trust anyone with a solid deodorant recommendation it would most definitely be a teenager. 

I immediately ordered the Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. I’ve only used it for a couple weeks now but it’s worth every penny. I don’t stink a bit! I’d venture to say that now my armpits smell lovely. It’s not an antiperspirant but it didn’t seem to make me sweat more than normal. This cream did irritate my underarms when applying right after shaving. The seller warns you of this but I always tend to think I’m exempt from the rules.

A note on sweating: I think it’s healthy to sweat! I feel for those of you who perspire lots but I had a friend tell me that it just means your body is really really efficient at cooling itself. And I happen to think (and this is not verified with research or even a Google search) if you block your underarms from sweating it will find it’s way out elsewhere… so consider that for a minute.

Yeah, I’m going there.

I feel like it’s an injustice in life that I have to shave my underarms. I do it no more than once a week and when I do I get some angry razor burn (and I use a fancy Venus razor that I’m always changing out the blades on). Jeremy also has this theory that underarm hair actually helps you from getting stinky – I mean, it makes sense that it grows there for a reason.

So I considered letting it grow. I like to think of myself as a pretty bold feminist and non-conformist but I caved to societal pressure to shave. So I do.

So then, I considered the alternative: what if I had my underarm hair removed permanently? And just as I started considering it a Groupon for 6 laser hair removal treatments for $100 landed in my inbox. I went for all 6 laser hair removal treatments and while at first it seemed to work now it has proven itself completely ineffective. I not only have a burn mark on my skin my hair seems to be growing back at double the rate. I also felt sleezy every time I walked into the liposuction / skin care clinic to get my treatments. I would think “why can’t I love my body the way it is? Hair and all.” That’s still the burning question. Pun intended.

So I want to hear from you. What are your favorite natural deodorants? Do you let your arm hair grow? If not, do you have a favorite hair-removal method? Let’s talk pits ladies!

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