Copycats or Cohorts?

May 16, 2012



While spending time in New York my brother walked me by these two side-by-side Indian restaurants on the Lower East Side just off St. Mark’s Place. They’re completely identical and have two very aggressive hosts / barkers out front vying for business. So if you try and go in to one the other enthusiastically explains why they’re better.

I think it’s hilarious. I can’t help but wonder if they’re in it together and share a kitchen in the back. Either way, I bet they both get more business because of it. And there’s enough for all of us. We already had a reservation elsewhere but had we not I would’ve loved to see which one of these places we would’ve chosen to eat at between the two. It would probably come down to who could guarantee the best palak paneer (my favorite).

P.S. I’m kind of obsessed with the cluster of lights combined with the un-designed signage.

P.P.S. Have you guys ever seen the movie 200 Cigarettes? I always think about that scene with Kate Hudson and Jay Mohr in that Indian restaurant in NYC – these two places kind of reminded me of that.

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