May 22, 2012


It started when I began searching YouTube for Sarah Jessica Parker hair tutorials. You see, I feel like I’m finally old enough to property wield a curling iron and my hair is the prettiest it’s ever been – so I may as well develop proper techniques for fixing it up. But instead of falling down the rabbit hole of how to obtain Botticelli curls I stumbled across a cute Scandinavian girl sharing how-to dread tutorials.

I was intrigued. So I started by twisting and ripping one section of hair behind my ear. It was subtle and cute. So I did another. And another. I hadn’t convinced myself that I was actually dreading my hair until it was too late. I briefly mourned my SJP hair fantasies and embraced my inner warrior who most definitely does not have perfect Carrie Bradshaw hair.

On a somewhat related note, I recently determined that I really love working for myself. And that I do my best work for clients who love what I’ve got to offer – which I’ve been told is a crazy-creative-tell-you-what’s-what style (with a well-designed cherry on top).

So maybe the dreads are kind of a declaration of a do-what-you-want kind of independence. But really, more than anything, it’s a ‘do that will serve me well in the post-apocalypse.

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