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Leo Rising

May 14, 2012



I’ve never been really into astrology – I mean, not much more than reading my horoscope in whatever magazine I happen to be reading. However, over the past year I’ve become close with a new friend who is way into astrology. She puts a lot of stock in the stars – and I love that about her. So when she insisted on taking me to have my chart read for my birthday I was game.

I was picturing a woman with her head in the clouds telling me my fate in a candle-lit room – but it was much more matter-of-fact. The scene looked more like a doctor reading my chart than an astrologist.

She informed me about my past lives, gave me some business insights and told me the best time of year to make a baby. I also learned that I’m a Leo rising and that this is much more prominent than my sun being in Taurus. Now, I’m not sure how much fate I place in the stars but damn if it doesn’t explain this mane of mine.

Reading (Offline)

May 11, 2012


I was thrilled to contribute when Miya and Elisabeth asked me to put together a few words on what I’ve been reading lately for their amazing new project The Equals Record.

I have most identified with the label “atheist” just about my whole life. It could be something about entering my 30s that has brought a new kind of spirituality to the forefront but lately I cannot get enough when it comes to reading about philosophies of life. So over at The Equals Record I share a couple of reads that put eloquent words and a new vocabulary to some feelings about the universe I’ve always felt to be true and at the same time opened my mind to new (and a little bit groovy) ways of thinking.  Check it out here and feel free to share what you’ve been reading (offline).

P.S. I can’t wait to check out Erin and Joslyn’s picks too.

Hello, Brooklyn.

May 10, 2012







Jeremy and I decided to take a little trip to hang out with my brother, Donny, in Brooklyn this past weekend. There was lots of walking, eating, drinking and celebrating. Coffee time turned into fancy whiskey time which then turned in to sleepy time. I’m not sure if it was the kind of trip that didn’t warrant many photos or if I’m just lacking in inspiration and motivation when it comes to documenting.

My very favorite parts of the trip were:

1. Going to see / experience Sleep No More. If you live in New York or are planning on visiting soon make a reservation to see it now. Amazing.
2. Nice drinks at Death + Company. It was worth the two hour wait. A wait which took place in a park where people were smoking crack and the trash cans were filled with vomit. That’s when I realized we were on the wrong side of the park because just a few steps down was a dog park where I met the sweetest GoldenDoodle (a golden retriever / poodle) ever.
3. Bagels. Nobody does ’em like New York does ’em.
4. Catching up with Brandi. And Chelsey. And Sana.
5. Ordering food and staying in for an evening with my brother and his sweet & hospitable girlfriend, Anna (aka Legs Malone).
6. The High Line. I feel like I may have even spotted Jessica Hische while I was there. Or maybe there are lots of cute girls with brown hair and bangs in New York. 
7. Changing my name to Cinco. I just think it’s so much more fitting that Kathleen.
8. Watching Donny perform. He has a new straight-jacket act and it is brilliant. I’m so proud of him. (P.S. He’s going on tour starting this Friday – check out tour dates here).

I’ve probably been to New York a dozen times by now. The novelty of the trains and cabs and honking has worn off. Now, in some ways, it feels less like vacation and a bit more like home-away-from-home. Maybe it has something to do with getting older and visiting more places. Maybe it has something to do with working for myself. Or maybe it doesn’t feel like “vacation” if I’m not traveling to the other side of the world and / or trekking at high altitude. It’s fine – it’s just notably different. And in some ways it makes me that much more comfortable with hopping on a plane for a long weekend away.

Or maybe my life, work and now vacations are starting to all blend together just that much more. I’ll take it.

The Best Birthday Card Ever

May 9, 2012


In my world of quality paper, letterpress and Pinterest really amazing, hand-crafted and quirky cards are the norm. So, I found it surprisingly refreshing to get this really odd mish-mash of a birthday card from my grandma. I couldn’t not share it with you guys.

First off, it came in a “Blessed Christmas” envelope that my grandma somehow made appropriate for my birthday by hand-lettering in the words “ALL YEAR!” underneath. Before even opening the envelope I knew I was in for something good but had no idea how good it was going to be.

I open the envelope and am greeted with a grandma-ish looking card complete with a floral still-life and seafoam green metallic foiling. Typical. But here’s what followed:




Then I open the card and was greeted by the following contents:
• A standard birthday wish with an emphasis from my grandma achieved by underlining the words “specially nice”. I’m still trying to determine if she was being sarcastic.
• One sheet of glittery smiley face stickers
• One sheet of bear stickers
• Two sugar free Halls lozenge wrappers printed with motivational phrases. This was by far my favorite part of the card.

One of my goals as I move in to the next decade of my life is to expand my capacity for joy and to be delighted in the world around me. As I imagined my grandma putting together this card all I could think about was the unabashed enthusiasm, curiosity and love she has for the world around her. I mean… she may or may not have a little water on her brain but that’s how I want to be. Unabashedly delighted by something as seemingly disposable as a Halls wrapper.


May 8, 2012

Me at 15 circa 1997.

I’ve been looking forward to 30 for a long time – 15 year old me is thrilled that I’m finally here. This weekend I celebrated the last hour of my 20s at a fancy bar in Manhattan over a fancy whiskey cocktail with Jeremy and my brother. We chatted about five year plans, living as creatives, stoic philosophy and I shared my secret wish – which is to speak more smoothly from my diaphragm.

I woke up the next morning feeling a little different from the day before. The most notable difference was a new sense of direction – as in, I literally knew east from west a little better than before. I felt a little more confident in my boots – with purpose in each step.

So here’s to 30.

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