Straightjacket Secrets

May 24, 2012








The cool thing about having a sideshow performer for a brother your whole life is that you are privy to the inside secrets of the trade. I mean – everything he does is real – there is no trickery to it. But take the straightjacket escape, for example. It’s easy to do – unless you’re insane.

And hammering a nail into the back of your head isn’t special either. Everyone has the anatomy to allow them to do it. Just not everyone does. But what makes Donny special is his ability to talk up his act and at the same time put an unsettled audience at ease.  Watching Donny grow as a true performer and owning every stage he sets his foot on makes me one proud sister.

Donny is on tour right now with The Pretty Things Peepshow. For a list of tour dates click here.

And if you’re in OKC you can see him and the rest of the Pretty Things troupe perform next Thursday, May 31st at The Blue Note.

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