When A Dream Job Is Hard

May 31, 2012


The past couple of weeks have been hard. Little things have been adding up. Like sideways glances and snippy almost-fights with my sister – which always seem to result in epic nightmares that wake me up with a racing heart – grateful that it was just a dream. Or butting heads with my web developer (who is also a close friend) who happens to be just as stubborn and opinionated as I am. Or botching a print job and eating the costs for a reprint (I should note here that it wasn’t that bad – the client even told me not to reprint but for my own good karma it was important to me to get it right). And on top of all of that I feel like my attention is divided – when I’m with Jeremy I can’t seem to focus on his words or look him in the face because my face is in my phone and my thoughts are with my work.

The photo above is from yesterday morning – I was having breakfast with an inspiring new friend (who deserves a post of her very own) when my printer (also a close friend) tracked me down to sign off on a proof right there in the middle of the restaurant. This photo is my new favorite. It’s a reminder that sometimes there is no such thing as a work / life balance because it’s all the same when your clients & vendors are your friends. When breakfast turns into business. And when business is personal. It’s a reminder that I’m redefining what it means to put in a full day of work and redefining what it means to work hard.

So yes, the past couple of weeks have been hard but underneath it all I’m so very grateful. I’m going to focus on bringing that gratitude (and focus!) back to the forefront. Coincidentally, I haven’t been carving out time for my morning walks or meditation. It’s hard to say if that is directly related or not but I’m not going to take any chances. I’m hopping back on the groovy wagon as of today.

Photo by Greer Inez. Follow her on Instagram @greerinez. 

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