Anatomy of an Outfit: Those Jeans



I always seem to forget about these jeans and every time I wear them I vow to wear them more. In fact, I think they might be the one pair of pants I pack for my Eastern European backpacking / trekking trip coming up.

T-Shirt – Bombs Away (from Birdie – but I think you can find them at DNA Galleries in OKC)
Also, I should note that I cut the neck out to make it a little more girly.

Belt – Target
Jeans – Kill City Bamboo (from Urban Outfitters years ago)
Shoes – Thrifted – I think they’re Aerosoles
Watch – Casio

  1. Those jeans look great on you. I can imagine you’ll take them on your trip!

  2. i had those jeans forever ago, I never wore them.. so.. I donated them.

  3. kay*

    omg your hair looks so fantastic!

  4. I always have to cut the neck out of tops, I find the normal necklines rather unflattering. I’m so in love with your hair, it’s looking amazing!

  5. Super cute outfit! I love everything about this — especially those jeans. <3

  6. Have fun on your backpacking trip! I’ll be curious to read your blog about it. I wonder if it’s as “dead” as Spain and Amsterdam were. There were a lot of ads for tourism to Ukraine and Poland on tv over there (I guess in tandem with the Euro Cup).

  7. i have seen similar pairs of denim a lot lately, am always intrigued, but ultimately hesitate and think they are not for me…… now, vacillate again…..

  8. I hope all is going well with you. You normally post so regularly, so I always check back just in case. No pressure, I just wanted to check in and say I like your blog:)

  9. Rachel May Designs – =I was away for a long weekend and am still trying to catch up with work! It means a lot that you noticed that I was gone for a bit. I’ll be back bright and early tomorrow with a new post. XO!

  10. hey, yes, i’ve almost forgotten. When will you be in Poland? I thought i’ll be travelling at the time, but it looks like i’m stuck in Kraków. So if you needed quick intro to reality over here or tips and trick or wanted someone to show you around. I’ll be happy to help.

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