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I once watched this show on National Geographic about a woman who had inappropriately fallen in love with the Berlin wall. As in, she wanted to marry it. Literally. She even took a scaled down model of the Berlin wall to bed with her at night.

I wrote that woman off as crazy until I saw these Bertrand Goldberg buildings in Chicago. It was love at first site that made my heart go all pitter-patter. Then I got really sad because the feelings were surely not mutual – for that love to be reciprocated I would need something like $1 million dollars.

If you’re ever in Chicago definitely go on the architectural boat tour. It may seem cheesy but it was informative and inspiring, for sure.

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  1. Looks like the cover of Yankee Foxtrot Hotel!

  2. I once fell in love with a bowl of five different types of pasta. It was mutual until I ate all of it.

    I like the first building! It looks like I can run my hand down it and those circles would flap down then spring back up again.

  3. I was just in Chicago this past weekend for my first visit to the city. My boyfriend absolutely *loved* these buildings too! He took a bunch of pictures. The parking in the bottom is pretty crazy! The buildings remind me of wasp hives or corn on the cob lol

  4. Joy

    Love Chicago! My friend lives in honeycomb like buildings by the river!

  5. My friend Iker (we met while I was studying architecture in Barcelona) documented life at Marina City, better known as the Corncob Towers. He also lives in one of the apartments with his wife (their original-all pink! kitchen is pictured in the series, its the picture where there’s a girl, (his wife) eating out of a chinese take-out box)

    The apartments are tiny, but living in such an iconic building, with such amazing views -and location- must be totally worth it!

    ; )

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