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I think it started on Twitter. One of those conversations limited to 140-character quips between gals you’ve known online for years. A little “Hey! You should come visit me!” which transitioned into an email that read something like “Are you for serious? Can I crash on your couch?” which then turned into a purchased plane ticket.

So there I was, in the Chicago airport, entertaining the idea that these internet friends could be a figment of my imagination while I waited for them to find me. I considered what I would do – turn around and go home? Find a hotel and explore Chicago on my own? What a story that would have made. But they found me and they were very much real. And even more fantastic offline, than on.

Earlier in the year I had read something about it being essential that creative entrepreneurs invest money and time into meeting interesting people. It’s not even really about networking but more about having the kind of connections and experiences that recharge you. I decided I wanted to do just that. So I put my money where my mouth is and bought a ticket to Chicago to hang out with Emily and Merl. Emily is a graphic designer from Montreal and Merl is an eco-stylist and jewelry designer residing in Chicago. They were both very interesting people – I’m thankful to have been able to spend a little time with them over a long weekend. I’ll be sure to share more about my time in Chicago on the blog this week.

  1. nicole

    This is awesome. I’d love to meet some of my blogger friends ~ your fine self included! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration! Hopping over to check out these ladies’ blogs… xo.

  2. I can’t stop singing ‘Chicago Chicago’ now.
    It was a great weekend!
    p.s. I didn’t even know you took a picture of me! I love that the city reflects in my sunglasses!!

  3. It’s always cool when bloggers meet in person and become “in-real-life” friends. I think that’s a great result of building the blogging community.

    I’ve tried emailing and getting to know bloggers I’ve been reading for years but it always seems to creep them out, or I just get ignored (which, to me, seems contrary to having a blog). I guess that’s one of the tough parts of communicating through a glowing box. It’s hard for some people to know, or trust, who they’re communicating with.

  4. I have amazingly never met blogger “friends” in person. However my boyfriend frequently has met up with his online gaming buddies.

  5. Nicole – Yes! I’d love to meet you one day!

    Emily – I know – stealthy candid right there. And yes, the Chicago skyline in your sunglasses is the best part!

    Francine – It’s just another way to show that blogging can absolutely be a meaningful and productive way to connect.

    I think I’m one who is more open to trusting the people I engage with online. When I try and establish a more personal relationship with bloggers I admire I follow and chat with them on Twitter vs. email. It’s like the difference between grabbing a coffee vs. dinner.

    Jennie Bee – I’ve grabbed coffee with lots of blogger friends but, aside from conferences, I’ve never traveled or vacationed with blog friends. I definitely want to do more of that!

  6. I actually wanted to contact you when I was in the Wichita Falls area, but I was literally there for a day and had no transportation so it would’ve been hard. But Fo Sho if you’re in the Central Florida area let me know!

  7. I love the design of this! So very Wes Anderson:) It was awesome meeting you and I hope next time I can spend even more time hanging with ya!


  8. Ramona

    Can’t wait for more details about Chicago! I am in fact flying there tomorrow for a week! Can’t wait to explore the city!

  9. Kathleen, it’s fantastic that you did this. I think it’s moments like these, where you go off and meet new people, that you really remember. And definitely what a great recharge! New creative people always inspire me.

  10. How much fun!!! I am mildly jealous not only of your fun trip to Chicago (a city I’ve always wanted to visit) but also because I recognize one of those fine ladies!!! I recently bought a necklace from Merl (after seeing the piece she made for you) 😀 She is VERY talented and seems A-MAZE-ING! 😀

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