Navy Pier

June 28, 2012



FerrisWheel1 copy






The best part about being a tourist in someone else’s city is that you get the real deal on what the locals do. For us the real deal meant exploring the Randolph Vintage Market and drinking whiskey smashes and grilling out on Merl’s fire escape with some new friends (hi Karyn and Andrea!). Those are the moments that I wish I was better at documenting.

But on the flip side – the best part about having a tourist in your city is that you get to play tourist too. Merl took us down to Navy Pier. We hopped on the ferris wheel and tried not to die from heat strokes. We cooled off in the shade while we watched rich people sail in the bay. And then we did the most responsible thing any tourist could do while in Chicago and bought tickets for an architectural tour by boat.  I can’t wait to share those photos tomorrow – stay tuned!

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