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Thunder / Cat

June 19, 2012


The energy in Oklahoma City is pretty amazing right now with the Thunder in the NBA Finals. We’re all very proud of our baby basketball team. My love for this city I call home is growing by the day.

Anatomy of an Outfit: My Urban Cowboy

June 18, 2012


After seeing Urban Cowboy for the first time earlier this year I was determined to make summer 2012 all about embracing my inner cowgirl – Debra Winger style. And every Sissy needs her Bud. Jeremy is always supportive of whatever obsession I have at the moment – so when I asked him to rock some cowboy boots he was game. After we went to Gilley’s a cowboy hangout he even practiced two stepping with me in our living room.  Now we just have to see if he’ll be willing to beat up an ex con in a mesh shirt and ride a mechanical bull for me.

Shirt – Toddland from Shop Good
Jeans – Nudies from Blue 7
Boots – Justin c/o Langston’s Western Wear (if you order a pair of Justin Boots you should order a size smaller than you typically wear – they run large).

Full disclosure: Langston’s Western Wear is the official sponsor of Urban Cowgirl Summer 2012. Thank you for outfitting Jeremy with the boots (and the extra inch or two of height – never a bad thing).

Brand Identity: Greer Inez

June 15, 2012



Okay, so I know I fall in love with just about every single one of my clients – but Greer takes it to a whole new level. When Tara and I were going through her Start Deck Desert Island exercise with her she said something like “I have to have my lovers with me on my desert island. My lovers are: my husband, my little Leo boy and my greens. Gotta have my greens.” And I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without some bold neon pink lips paired with a neon yellow bra under a see-through white tee – a woman after my own heart.

Greer Inez is a bi-coastal photographer with some serious confidence and style to match. Greer uses photography + style to help rad individuals share their brave business, their crazy beautiful lives, and their creative purpose. She’s got some bold positioning so I had to design a bold identity to match. Gold and hot pink it is.

Since finishing her brand positioning, story and identity Greer and I still meet, almost weekly, for coffee (a Sexi Mexi to be specific – which is an espresso drink with cinnamon & cayenne – to die for). We chat about everything from the joys and struggles that come with being creative entrepreneurs, careers + kids and our relationships, to the stars and our sun signs. She’s the kind of gal who inspires me to embrace a little bit of lipstick and the word “lover”- but most of all she inspires me to be brave and to be bold and to be my authentic self. Which is probably why I’ve agreed to do a sexy post-apocalyptic photo shoot with her.

Learn more about Greer and check out her work here: www.greerinez.com

About the Dreadlocks

June 13, 2012




If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@andkathleen) you may have already caught a peek at my dreadlocks in progress. For a little over 3 weeks I’ve been working many hours a day on dreading my hair. I only lost sleep one night over them – I was being completely neurotic about botching my hair and never looking like Sarah Jessica Parker. Ever. I was only half a dozen dreadlocks in at this point – so in the middle of the night I asked Jeremy what he truly thought about them. I was looking for an out but he told me to stick with it. So I did – and I’m glad.

On that note, a lot of people ask me what Jeremy thinks about them. I’m not sure yet. You see, he’s privy to the hours and hours of twisting, ripping, crochet-hooking – the dreads are more of a time-suck hobby than a hairstyle to him at this point. But regardless, Jeremy has never been the kind of guy to have negative feelings about how I wear my hair.

Mostly we joke about them. For example, when I asked Jeremy if he wanted to go see a Bob Marley documentary at a local film festival he asked me if “this was a dread thing.” NO. I just happen to really like documentaries and want to be involved in my local art community. Or the other day I was cooking up some tilapia and veggies in a bikini with my dreads down. I told Jeremy I felt very tropical. Like I we should be on an island. That’s when he responded with “You mean, Jamaica?” And we both had a good laugh when the cats tried burrowing in my hair in the middle of the night (gross, right?) – I quickly put a stop to that.

So, as my dreads grow so do the questions about them. I’ll answer a few here:
• Are they permanent? 
Kind of. People who have had dreads for years have been able to brush them out with lots and lots of work. But I imagine when I don’t want dreads anymore I’ll just cut all my hair off short.
• Are they real? 
It’s all real – but it’s not all mine. I’m actually dreading my hair. Then I’m dreading hair extensions (made out of human hair – so I have the option to dye them later) and weaving the extensions into my dreads. So it’s actually really rad to all of a sudden have hair down to my butt.
• Can you wash them?
Yes. I wash mine once a week (which is about how often I washed my hair when I didn’t have dreads). I use a residue-free shampoo followed up by spraying them down with lemon juice (to help them lock up).
• How long does it take to make them?
On average, I’ve been completing about 2 dreadlocks a day. Each take about 30 minutes. However, it takes months and months for them to mature and lock up. I keep reading about how awful the first 4 months are because they’re kind of a loose hot mess until then. (I devoured this girl’s YouTube stream to learn how to make & extend my dreads).
• You mean you have to make them? I thought you got dreads by just not washing / touching your hair. 
I wish. They’re are some people who use the “neglect” method. I’m not one of them.
• Can you wear them down? 
I mostly wear them up in public because I’m still in the process of completing them. Once I’m done with all my extensions I’ll be able to wear my hair in lots of different styles including down.
• What does your mother think?
My mom thinks I’m beautiful no matter what. (She taught me to marry a man with the same attitude – and I did).

The most surprising thing that I didn’t expect was the feeling of claustrophobia I get from not being able to freely run my fingers through my scalp. It’s almost like a sensory deprivation thing. And another surprising thing is the amount of strangers who react to my hair with compliments and curiosity. I even had one girl at a Sephora counter tell me that she’s always wanted dreads but could never commit. Which brings me to this: It’s just hair. Feel free to ask me questions and I’ll answer in the comments.

I’m curious – when it comes to your hair do you like to switch it up or do you have a signature standby? Would you ever do dreads?

Carrot Juice

June 11, 2012


Almost a year after watching a documentary that got me all riled up about juicing I finally got my juicer (with credit card rewards points, no less!). We went with a Hurom Slow Juicer. Despite the name it’s not actually slow. It claims to give you more juice with less bruising and heating than some of the other brands out there. That means more colorful juice chock full of nutrients.

I’m not really planning on doing a juice fast anytime soon but supplementing my diet (or replacing just one meal a day) with a large juice is making me feel healthy and whole. You can juice just about anything – including broccoli and cabbage. Also, you can use the pulp in recipes like muffins and cookies if you feel wasteful tossing it.

Throughout the summer I’ll be posting a lot of juice recipes.

Carrot Juice
5-6 small carrots
1 medium cucumber
1 orange
.5″ ginger root (optional – I’ve had it without and it’s just as tasty)

This makes about 2 cups which I think is perfect for 1 person. Double up on your recipe for 2 people.

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