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Summer Weekends

July 16, 2012



This is every weekend at my parents’ house. This little lake is catch & release. I prefer to catch & eat if I’m going to fish.

Cracking Eggs, Making Omelets

July 13, 2012



It’s a running joke with my family that I never know common phrases or idioms – so when they say phrases like “dark horse in the running” or “by the skin of my teeth” I become visibly distracted and confused by whatever point they’re trying to make. I’ve even Googled “the riot act” on more than one occasion  because it seemed everyone knew it but me. And because I’m not familiar with most of these phrases I always end up inappropriately combining them to where they don’t make sense – like “no skin off the hair of my teeth”. You would think English is my second language.

So one time as Jeremy and I were having a Very Serious Discussion (you could almost call it a fight), I was feeling pretty sad when Jeremy used the phrase “you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet” describing my approach to life. The Very Serious Discussion turned to laughs when I cocked my head to the side and had to ask him the origin of that phrase – and what exactly it meant. Nothing diffuses a fight like mulling over semantics.

Have a great weekend, friends. I hope you crack some eggs and make some omelets.


July 12, 2012


The summer of 2011 was particularly harsh. We had a few impactful let downs – one in particular was when Jeremy was declined a fantastic work opportunity that would allow him to go back to school for his masters degree. And to add insult to injury the weather was brutal with 60+ consecutive days of 100+º heat.

At the end of it all the very large tree in our front yard – the tree that lured me in to buy this house in the first place – was rotting from the inside out. We had a skilled arborist come out and take a look – he said it couldn’t be saved. So I paid the man $1,000 to have it cut down (ouch). He told me for another $250 he could grind the stump down below the grass line – it would be as if the tree was never even there. Out of sentiment and frugality I declined – I didn’t mind having a bit of stump there to memorialize a tree as old as our house.

Fast forward to almost a year later. I get a knock on the door and it’s my neighbor Juro (pronounced your-oh) holding three large wooden bowls. He tells me that he salvaged the wood from our tree as it was being cut down and made these really beautiful bowls out of it. Juro is a doctor from Slovakia with a naturally gorgeous wife and two adorable little kids. When the local university he was doing his residency at didn’t renew his contract he spent the better part of his year doing woodwork instead. I gave him exactly $250 for a bowl that reclaimed the rotted tree, our Boxelder, into something beautiful.

A week later as Juro packed up his house and family for a new job to practice medicine in Shreveport, Louisiana, Jeremy was accepted into a grad school program to complete his masters in electrical engineering.

Summer 2012 is turning out to be just as hot as 2012 – but a whole lot less brutal.

We’ll see.

July 11, 2012


I’m at that age where I’m consumed with thoughts of becoming a mom or not. There’s a lot of weight that comes with the word “mom” – it’s a job title that doesn’t quite match my skill sets. And when I think about “baby” all I can visualize are paper thin finger nails, wobbly necks and sticky elbow pits. But when I think of Jeremy in the role of “dad” it just makes so much sense.

We’ll see.

A Case for Vintage

July 10, 2012


So a couple weeks ago, when I was in Chicago, I told Merl and Emily I was on the hunt for some cheap gold aviator sunglasses. So when Merl stumbled upon these vintage 1980s gold aviator Ray Bans at the Rudolph Vintage Market I knew they had to be mine. I tried them on – they fit perfectly. They were light and didn’t fall off the bridge of my nose when I looked down.

But they were priced at $90.

I asked Merl what she thought. She told me they looked great. Then I rebutted with the fact that I can get a brand new pair of Ray Bans for the same price – I felt funny spending almost as much on a used pair. Merl responded that she’ll always vote vintage when given the option and that I should offer $75.

I had decided to give up my addiction to fast fashion and cheap clothes a while ago by choosing to buy quality garments produced with integrity. But I never really considered the notion of buying used and vintage as an ethical alternative. Merl, an eco-stylist by trade, gave me the nudge to invest in a pair of sunglasses who had already proved their worth just by still existing 20+ years later. It all started to make so much sense.

I got the sunglasses for $80. I plan on wearing them for another 20+ years.

I took this photo with my iPhone. You can follow me on Instagram @andkathleen.

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