Day 8: More Budapest

August 29, 2012






After a late night out, drinking wine on the concrete steps of the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen, we slept in until 11AM. This is so odd for me because family vacations come with early wake-up calls and mornings of exploring before it gets too hot out – followed by middle of the day naps to escape the blazing sun and crowds. But Jeremy and I took our time to roll out of bed and make our way over to the Buda side of Budapest. We made our way up to the Castle Hill area with great views of the river, city and the castle, of course.

We enjoyed a lunch of cheese and schnapps. It was getting brutally hot out so we decided to visit The Hospital in the Rock & Nuclear Bunker – a museum in tunnels below the Buda Castle. No photos were allowed but this top-secret hospital / nuclear bunker only opened to the public recently and it was definitely a Budapest highlight. Not to mention cool at 8º celsius. Afterwards we had a snack of cake and cappuccino and made our way to a labyrinth – more caves under the Buda Castle that apparently Dracula used to hang out in.







When we finally made our way to the actual Buda Castle it started getting a bit cloudy and ominous out. So we made our way over the Danube across the Chain Bridge back over to the Pest side of Budapest where we were staying. We made it down to the St. Stephen Basilica square where we enjoyed a balanced dinner of wine and olives. Oh, Budapest. I like you.





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