Green Smoothie


If the tuna steak with lime & cilantro sauce was the flirty pool boy who helped me get my groove back than this green smoothie is my spouse – reliable, comfortable, and nourishing – the one I come home to at the end of a long day. Melissa and Dallas of Whole9Life actually advise against drinking smoothies during the Whole30. I think a lot of people abuse it as a way to pack in tons of sugar (even fruit is sugar, y’all) and if fat loss and/or kicking a sweet tooth is your goal then a smoothie is not the way to go.

But for me, this green smoothie is a great pre & post workout meal – it’s especially refreshing during these hot summer months where leftover bakes salmon and steamed veggies in the middle of the day doesn’t sound particularly appetizing. Also, my goals aren’t really to lose weight

Here’s the recipe.

Green Smoothie
2 cups spinach
1-2 cups of coconut water (depending on the consistency you want)
1/3 cup coconut chips
1/2 – 1 whole avocado
1 banana 

This first step is the most important: first blend your spinach and coconut water together before adding any other ingredients. I use an immersion blender for about a minute to get the spinach fully blended into the coconut water. Then add the coconut chips and blend for another minute to get those nice and fine too. From there add your avocado and banana – you may want to add a little more coconut water at this point too just depending on the desired consistency.

Also – sometimes I’ll play with the avocado to banana ratio. I may use a whole avocado and half a banana or vice versa just depending on what flavor I’m after. You could also add a cucumber to the mix.

Do you have a favorite green smoothie recipe? Let’s hear it.

  1. Our preference is red. Juice fresh pineapple, a bunch of kale, and a beet or two. Simple and so yum.

  2. This looks and sounds so delicious! We love to use different berries and blend it with spinach …taste really good and super healthy

  3. atout

    I’ve been living on smoothies this hot summer! I’m allergic to bananas so it’s taken me awhile to find a smoothie I really like, but my go-to is:

    1 cup frozen kale
    1 cup frozen spinach
    1/2 green apple
    1/2 peach
    1/2 cup blueberries
    1-2 ts chia seeds
    1 tb coconut oil
    few shakes of cinnamon

    I’ve recently discovered that frozen greens taste just as great as the fresh stuff. Since they blanch the greens there is a bit of a nutritional difference. Having to store and clean greens every day was the biggest hurdle for me (i’m lazy), so having bags of the frozen stuff on hand has been a total game-changer. I do tweak the amount of fruit around when I’m limiting sugar. But, I love this basic formula and it’s been pretty effective at keeping me full for a few hours.

    Love seeing your Whole30 posts!

  4. Kim

    I love to make (natural/unsweetened/unsalted) peanut butter and (frozen) banana smoothies with unsweetened almond milk. It’s really easy to turn it into a green variety by adding my favorite green food, kale! The PB and banana disguise any kale flavor, so it tastes like a delicious, naturally sweetened treat but is packed with protein, calcium, potassium, etc. You can play around with how much of each ingredient to add depending on how much smoothie and what consistency you desire, but for one person, you might aim for 2 TBSP PB, 1 frozen banana, about 1 C of almond milk, and 1 C of steamed or raw kale.

  5. Ooh yum! That sounds good with coconut water – I’m going to have to try that. I’ve made green smoothies with banana, spinach, soy milk, orange juice, and blueberries. I love how there are so many ways to make this and they’re all healthy!

  6. I go a little nuts with my smoothies, i throw in everything and the kitchen sink.

    today’s was:
    – soy milk
    – 100% fruit juice
    – 1/2 banana
    – 1/2 peach
    – avocado
    – spinach
    – slivered almonds
    – shredded coconut
    – chia seeds
    – kitchen sink

  7. janis

    just discovered that an avocado costs $7 here in south korea. so, a smoothie like this will have to wait until i’m back in north america! 🙂

  8. Nicole

    Avocado smoothies. Raspberries and soy or almond milk are my favorite with avocado 🙂

  9. I used to think “ewwww…spinach…in a smoothie??” but now, I’m in heaven. Pinned this. To, you know, try “later” (smile)

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