When Having A Dream Job Takes Work

August 9, 2012



Confession: After our 3-week trip abroad I was so ready to come home – but I wasn’t ready to go back to work. It was a depressing realization I made on our flight back to the US and I had no idea what to do with those feelings. I was terrified that maybe I hated the job I had created for myself. In order to keep from having a panic attack at a cruising altitude of 30,000 over the Atlantic ocean I had a glass of red wine. Or four.

After we landed in Oklahoma, unpacked and had a solid 10 hours of sleep I reevaluated these feelings in the safety of my own home. I think it came down to feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the insecurity that comes with being responsible for your own paycheck. Overwhelmed by all the amazing talent already out there and how little I can sometimes feel (ah, the comparison trap). Overwhelmed by the gap between here and there. Overwhelmed by the idea of starting a family on top of growing a baby business of my own.

But here’s the deal. As soon as I settled back in to my desk all the things Tara and I have been working really hard to achieve over the past year started coming to fruition. We’ve committed to positioning ourselves to creative entrepreneurs and overhauled our website to reflect that bold shift. We’re developing an ECourse (launching in September) to better serve the creative entrepreneurs who can’t quite afford a one-on-one engagement with us but deserve solid branding & positioning of their own (and I’m here to say – branding goes WAY beyond a logo design). We’re turning down work from people like government agencies, law firms and financial institutions with lots of money and great marketing directors but no decision making power. Some think we’re a little crazy for this but we’ve recognized that we’re best suited to work with other creatives like us, the “solopreneurs”, who not only need help with a brand identity but positioning and business visioning. That’s what we’re best at. That’s what makes us happiest. We’re working hard to make Braid Creative a resource and a place where we can celebrate other creative entrepreneurs.

I also had this idea of going beyond blogging and getting more personal with letters that will go straight from me and Tara to you. These are free, exclusive, emails for creative entrepreneurs (and the aspiring artistpreneurs) that will go straight to your inbox – and they aren’t old-school newsletters or regurgitated blog posts – but letters, from us to you. In fact, email no. 2 is going out this morning – in a couple hours – if you’re interested sign up below.

Here’s an example of the first letter you’ll receive, explaining what it’s all about, when you sign up:


These are the things that make me happiest. Sharing content. Writing (I almost think of myself more as a writer than a designer these days, fragmented sentences and all). Genuine connections with other creatives.

All of this to say having your dream job takes work. That’s what email no. 2 going out this morning is all about. And I’m taking a healthy dose of my own advice and working hard to make it all a dream. Because, lately, I have no tolerance for doing anything I’m not in love with – and that’s okay by me.

Do you guys ever feel overwhelmed? What do you do to keep your dream job from turning into a nightmare?

Top photos by the talented and radical Greer Inez.

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