Our Home

September 26, 2012

This blog started as a documentation of our historical home remodel. We’ve been here for over four years now and the cracks in the wall, the never-hung basement door, and the window treatments (or lack thereof) have fallen to the back-burner of my list of priorities. In fact, these things have straight up fallen behind the entire stove along with breadcrumbs and fur balls. I’ve been more concerned with growing my career, traveling, eating really great food, climbing walls, stretching my limbs and consuming experiences rather than things.

But lately, I’ve been feeling the need to nest – to revisit my home. Perhaps it’s the Fall nostalgia creeping in, or perhaps it’s my Taurus nature taking over – but the desire to create a sacred space to hunker down in through the winter is taking hold in my mind. I want our house to be a comfy haven where we feel safe to create. I want the air to be flooded with music, conversation and smells of curry, spice, and peppermint. I also want to purge my space of anything that is no longer useful or beautiful – with that I’ve gotten rid of 80% of my clothes. The clothes I used to work as an ad agency art director in. The clothes I used to go to awards ceremonies in and even the clothes I got married in. My closet is now limited to a wardrobe of black, grey and white with a couple splashes of pink and a little bit of denim.

That said, here are a few things in our home that I’ve been enjoying lately:

Oklahoma City Market Bag by Apolis with ShopGood.
The wooden bowl carved by our neighbor from our tree that didn’t survive Summer 2011.    Newsprint
Newspapers. I’ve been itching to do a project on newsprint myself.

A rug from my favorite antique store. It had to come home with me. 

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