The Story of a Family Business

September 21, 2012




On Wednesday afternoon my sister, Tara, and I sat on a patio for over 2 hours – drinking iced green tea and chatting about where we’ve been and where we’re going. We opened our hearts up big and grew up a lot. It wasn’t lost on us that we have the freedom to take the time we need to share our dreams and fears and insecurities over iced tea in the middle of a Wednesday. That we have the freedom to redefine a hard day’s work – and that day we couldn’t have spent it any better than with each other on that sunny patio.

Braid Creative has been alive and thriving for a year now, but I’ve been working for myself for two. In the year that I was alone I was really open with monthly updates about what it was like to be a freelance graphic designer – what it was like to transition from the perceived security of working for someone else to the uncertainty of going it alone. I shared my secrets, hopes, dreams and fears with you all.

Tara pointed out that I haven’t been sharing the story of what it’s like to work for Braid here on J&K. I think it’s because I haven’t felt like it’s just my story. It’s Tara’s story too and she’s a much better storyteller than I am. She has this genius ability to set it up, create arcs and pay it off without veering off track or forgetting her point. On that Wednesday afternoon Tara gave me the permission I needed to tell our story – the story of what it’s like to work at Braid. Together. As sisters.

If Jeremy is my other half in this love story that is J&K, then Tara is my other half, not only in business, but in life – it’s a story we’ve been creating together as sisters for over 30 years and probably over several past lifetimes. Tara is the methodical vision to my crazy creative. She’s the practical execution to my big vision. Tara thinks in layers that aren’t constrained by time and space and then tidies them up into organized action and gorgeous words.

Just like I used to share the story of what it was like to go from nine-to-five to freelance, I’m going to begin sharing the story of what it’s like to own a creative company with my sister – but know that it goes much deeper than business.

Photos by Greer Inez.

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