A Little Luck

October 24, 2012

First astrology and now lucky charms. Superstition must be the theme of the week. But I think there’s something true to be said for the little things we use to help focus our thoughts and energy. The magic is within us – but lucky charms are great tools for harnessing the power we’ve got.

Here are a few things that help me get my mojo aligned:
My Everest rocks. As we were trekking the trail up to base camp I kept seeing stacked rocks. I asked our guide, Buddhi, what it meant and he simply said it was for good luck. I collected these rocks at base camp and brought them all the way back to the other side of the world. They remind me to take one step at a time and breathe.

My action bunny in gold pants. Liz got me this little guy (you guys are following Liz’s blog, right?). He sits at my computer with me and reminds me that life is more fun in gold undies.

My sunstone. My new client turned fast friend, Claire, got me this sunstone while she was in Sedona. The sunstone is said to energize the second and third chakras – stimulating leadership, creativity and sexy times. I’ll take it.

My lucky kitty. Tara got me this lucky kitty while she was in Japan last week. And by Japan I actually mean the Japan part of Epcot while at Disneyworld in Florida. This little red cat symbolizes healthy business and healthy children. I’ll take that too.


What are your lucky charms? Are you superstitious? 

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