Clean Start

October 19, 2012


One of my favorite local retailers, Blue Seven, asked me to participate in their raw denim Clean Start Project. The rules:
1. Wear the same pair of jeans every day (or at least 6 days a week) for six months.
2. If they get holes in them patch them up – or let them be.
3. Don’t wash the jeans. You can hang them up to air out, Febreeze ’em or stick them in the freezer overnight to help eliminate any stink.

Blue Seven is tracking the progress of over 60 participants over 6 months. The idea is that each pair of raw denim will emerge with its own personality depending on the life of the wearer. Apparently this isn’t a new concept – raw denim fanatics have been preaching this no-wash method to allow the jeans to fully express their true personality.

When Blue Seven asked me to participate I didn’t hesitate at the challenge. I love finding creativity within limitations. Challenges like these push me to the edge of what I think is possible for myself – and I always discover something new.

At the same time, I’ve recently purged about 75% of my wardrobe. Clothes that I love but never wear. Outfits that were reserved for my old art director self – my catwalk the open office hallway. But who I am now is someone who wants to do more with less – I want my limited articles of clothing to reflect that.

And so… I’m wearing the same pair of jeans. Every day. For six months.

Would you?

Follow the Blue Seven Clean Start project on Instagram: #b7cleanstart and here on their blog.

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