Lifting the Weight

October 31, 2012





Tara and I never set out to be entrepreneurs. We never thought we’d work for ourselves, much less each other. We didn’t grow up fantasizing about owning our own business. And when we decided to make the jump we just trusted that we’d build our wings on the way down. Or at least we’d hold hands and crash and burn together – Thelma & Louise style.

Just a few short months after the beginning of Braid we hired Kristin. Truth be told… she got the job because she kind of reminded of us Liz. It could’ve been the short hair and oxfords or it could’ve been the kind of cool calm she managed to maintain through her portfolio review. Now… I can’t imagine Braid without her.

It still sometimes feels as if we’re in a free fall – plummeting towards the earth at a million miles an hour. So when Liz sent us a snapshot of her costume materials the wings seemed all too appropriate.

Visit the Braid blog to see our Halloween costumes – and welcome Liz to our team.

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