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Fall. Comfort. Food.

October 18, 2012



One of the things I love most about saying goodbye to summer is the comfort fall foods brings us. I love how a heated kitchen draws everyone in to the heart (and belly) of the home. I love roasting squash and soaking lentils and then bringing them together with spice, cilantro and a little bit of Greek yogurt. I love holding a warm bowl of hearty food between my hands while settling in on the couch with lots of cozy throws and a couple kitties – sharing my meal with Jeremy and John Stewart. Ah, fall food.

Day 12: The Beginning of our Tatras Trek

October 15, 2012



When Jeremy and I decided to go to Europe we also decided to attach a trek to the adventure too. We wanted a trek in which we were carrying our own packs and taking our bodies from point A to point B on our own two feet. We decided on a trek through the High Tatras in Slovakia and Poland. It was rated as being a little bit more difficult than Everest Base Camp – but I was up for the challenge.

Our first day started with a bus ride from Zakopane into Slovakia. The bus driver was a volunteer mountain rescue man who looked like he drives a Harley on the side. He had big white sideburns, a handlebar moustache and some really tight pants. He wore a red and black jacket with a patch that authorized him to go searching in avalanches for mountaineers in trouble.





When we got to Slovakia our Hells Angel / Mountain Rescue bus driver dropped us off and we made our way, on a relatively flat and smooth path, to a small lodge where we ate lentil soup and stale bread for lunch. From there we trekked another 1.5 hours towards our final destination for the day: Chat pri Zelenom, The Green Lake Hut.


SlovakiaG I don’t know how we didn’t learn our lesson, especially after being caught in a down pour at Ama Dablam basecamp in Nepal aka the most miserable experience of my life (but in retrospect, damn, what a good time) – but we came into this trekking experience without any rain gear. And it started to rain. We made it to the Green Hut Lodge just in time. I only had a couple of hot spots on my heels and failed to note my newly forming blisters as foreshadowing to the kind of condition I’d be in on this adventure. SlovakiaH

SlovakiaI We checked into our lodge and had a snack of cake and beer. I noted in my travel log that this kind of consumption has got to stop once we get home. Oh, Kathleen from July 2012. How I wish I could tell you that that kind of consumption has got to stop immediately – cake and beer do not proper trekking fuel make.  

Have I noted how beautiful the Tatras are? Because so far… so beautiful.

Next up: Cold Lakes and Crap Knees

French Press and Fiber Art

October 13, 2012


Ah, the weekend. Even working as my own boss the weekend brings with it the promise of chilling the eff out. Jeremy and I slept in this morning until 7:45 when grey skies and rolls of thunder in the distance gently woke us from a night of dreams about train rides and embarrassing bathroom situations. Followed up with a breakfast of sweet potatoes and eggs, over-easy, and a cup of French pressed and freshly ground coffee. Clearly, I haven’t weened myself off the sweet comfort of caffeine.

Afterwards Jeremy dropped me off for an hour of sweaty asanas while he worked on his pushes at the YMCA. It’s the perfect beginning to a happy weekend.

Over the next 36 hours I’m looking forward to:
• Painting a big hot pink + on my living room wall
• Hanging the fiber art I scored in Palm Springs
• House hunting (investment / rental property)
• Watching a scary movie or two
• Eating some coconut + cayenne cocoa balls (recipe to be featured on Design Crush soon!)
• Another cup of coffee
• More yoga
• Reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly (so far, so good – highly recommended)

What are you all up to this weekend? 

Personal Branding ECourse

October 10, 2012

Braid ECourse: Defining Your Personal Brand from Braid Creative on Vimeo.

One of the things Tara and I have been working really hard on (and are really proud of) are our Braid ECourse offerings for creative entrepreneurs. It’s a way we can be of value to those of you who can’t quite afford a one-on-one engagement with us – or are still in the process of developing your own creative career.

Our current offering is on Personal Branding: Blending Who You Are with What You Do. Living in the overlap of professional and personal is a topic I’m passionate about. I find happiness and fulfillment when I’m in tune with the grey areas – when I don’t keep who I am and what I do entirely separate.

You can learn more about the Personal Branding Braid ECourse here. Or register here. If you want to stay updated on our ECourses, receive discounts and get exclusive creative entrepreneur letters to your inbox (stories and tips from me and Tara that are never posted to our blogs) sign up in the sidebar – either here or over at Braid Creative.

These Days

October 9, 2012


Hi, friends. Is it okay if I get a little “Dear Diary” here for a minute? Because I really want to be writing in this space but I don’t quite have the time to color-adjust and design photos and craft stories around my Europe adventure (still to-be-continued), what I’m eating and what I’m wearing. But I have the desire to share what I’ve been up to these days. 

These days I’m sleeping in a little later as the days get a little shorter. I’m being a little easier with myself. I’ve traded in my short high-intensity I-think-I-might-puke workouts with long yoga sessions. Sometimes they’re more restorative and about connecting my breath to my body while stretching out connective tissues and finding balance in my mind. Other times it’s more about shaking as I hold an inversion and feel my muscles wrap tightly around my bones while finding balance in my body. Sometimes I do yoga twice a day. I think I could probably do it all day, every day, if that were an option. We’ve also been hitting the climbing gym more lately and I’ve been feeling confident on the wall – stretching and gripping and pulling myself up and pushing myself off from hold to hold. I’m itching to learn how to tie knots and go climbing outdoors one day soon.

These days I’m still eating mostly paleo and more recently Jeremy and I attempted a juice cleanse. We only made it 24 hours in – the coffee withdrawals were no joke. Since then we’ve been slowly weening ourselves off coffee. I’m living life, happily, without grains but every once in a while I’m enjoying some dark chocolate and wine. Though, I’ve found the sugar and alcohol seems to weigh me down. My very favorite snack right now is mixing greek yogurt with almond butter and cubed mango.

These days I’m working hard. I’m working with a local dining group and even got to help name a new restaurant with my sister. And because we’re all about saying what you mean we named it Kitchen. We’re also working on branding other creative entrepreneurs including a yogi who specializes in juice cleanses, a photographer, a marketing consultant / project manager and a life coach from San Fransisco. These days I love my job. But damn… we’re stretching and gripping and pulling ourselves up and pushing ourselves forward with each new client.

These days I write more than I design. I write ECourses, I write emails, I write letters and I write blog posts. I might not have the best grammar and I don’t really understand the oxford comma. Sometimes I hit publish or send a little too fast. But I really enjoy writing – especially here. J&K is like home. I’ll be back with a little more frequency as soon as I get through a few deadlines and find my breath.

What are you guys up to these days?

Image by Greer Inez. A light test for a shoot we were on together, recently.

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