Durham and My People

November 12, 2012






There’s something I love about liberal cities smack dab in the middle of red states. My own little neighborhood of Oklahoma City is a pocket of unexpected culture – much like a scaled down version of Austin, TX. Durham, North Carolina is the same way. It’s a city where you can’t avoid eating locally sourced dairy and meat (if meat is your thing… Durham will also have a vegan and grain-free menu option for your health-conscious liberal heart as well). If you live in a rad place don’t take for granted the certain amount of osmosis that takes place by proximity – where the good stuff starts to soak into your skin, bones and heart.

I like the vibe in Durham but Jeremy and I visit for the people. Liz, in particular, along with her man and our weekly dinner guest, Micah (before he moved across the country to be with his lady).

The long weekend filled with carbs, wine, a little work, a lot of chill and a bit of whiskey started with Liz picking us up from the airport. We had hardly made it to the car before the deep conversation, paired with intermissions filled with deep belly laughs, began. We jumped right in to talking about what we really want – the big stuff like month long trips to India and building beach cabins and babies and what it all means. Then we got down to articulating the little details… like an appreciation for oversized ice cubes and dark grainy photographs.

We talked about friendship, love, creative entrepreneurship, uncertainty, yoga, kitty cats, travel and creating a life worth living. We both came to the conclusion that every experience either energizes you or depletes you. Durham, and it’s people – my people – send me home energized. And maybe a little hungover.

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