Slow Down

November 21, 2012




I’ve found myself deeply in love with Fall this year. It’s been a colorful season full of changing leaves and a moody sun that set the landscape on fire. The quality of the light and the crispness of the air leaves me feeling impossibly nostalgic and grateful. The way the earth kind of shuts down to rest until Spring has been a gentle reminder to do the same. I need to slow down. 

The photos above were taking while Jeremy and I were in North Carolina visiting Liz. Liz always puts a priority on being chill and inspires me to do the same – being a minimalist doesn’t stop at her things (or even her hair) – it’s also how she lives her life. Unnecessary drama or negative emotions that don’t serve her are put out on the curb along with things that she no longer finds beautiful or useful.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving – I’m sure to find lots to be thankful for (and I’ll be sure to share those findings with you) but I’m also going to take some time to think about ways to slow down this season.

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