35 Ways to Prepare for the End of the World

December 20, 2012


My end of the world preparedness kit. 

We’ve been here before. You know… the end of the world and all. It was 1999 and we just KNEW our computers wouldn’t be able to handle the transition to 2000 – that they would come to life, gain intelligence, and revolt.

So as December 21st, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, looms over us as the newest threat end of the world, very few of us are convinced. You guys already know that I live (or am at least dressed) for the impending apocalypse, but I think it’s a different kind of apocalypse that doesn’t involve fire or brimstone or zombies or desert wasteland or Mad Max style attire. But I don’t think that kind of end of the world is happening any time soon.

But I do believe with my whole heart that tomorrow marks the beginning of a new kind of world. It may not backed by science or history or fact but a very strong feeling. I feel a shift in energy that seems to manifest my thoughts, desires, and ideas at the blink of an eye. I feel connected to the universe and an ever so subtle hum of truth. I feel full of purpose. Do you feel it too?

So tomorrow I’ll be prepping for the end of the world – or the beginning of a new world, rather. And not by stockpiling food and water, or sealing off my house with plastic and duct tape – but by doing things to raise my vibration. Below are some very specific ways I’ll be doing that – you’re welcome to try it out too.

35 Ways to Prepare for the End of Times Beginning of the New World 
1. Drink a Green Juice
Flood your cells with all the good stuff kale, spinach, apples, pears, celery, and ginger has to offer.

2. Eat Local.
When your food has been harvested close to home, by a farmer whose purpose in life is to feed her neighbors… well, it just tastes (and feels) better.

3. Do Some Yoga.
For me, it’s a moving meditation that helps me feel grounded in my body. I like a nice and sweaty Vinyasa class. You don’t have to be a human pretzel, though, to do yoga. You can also try some more restorative Yin Yoga or meditative Kundalini Yoga.

4. Meditate.
I’ve been calling myself an atheist since I was 8 years old. But over the past year, through a daily meditation practice, I’ve found something bigger than myself in the place between my thoughts. Even if it’s a peace that resides within, it’s there, and it transcends the ego. It’s a good place to go on a regular basis. Here’s how I practice meditation.

5. Reflect on How You Want to Feel.
I’ve been working through Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. It goes beyond goal setting and resolutions to really tap into how you want to feel. I’m going to be spending the day really tapping into my core desired feelings. Danielle’s Desire Map is a great tool to get their but if you can’t afford it, the gist of it is to ditch your list of to-dos and focus on how you really want to feel – and ways you can start cultivating those feelings (vs. finding yourself miserable just checking of a list of goals).

6. Dream Big. 
The time it takes to manifest your deepest desires is no longer limited to a 5-year plan. In fact, I find that time is beginning to feel irrelevant. So take this time to dream big. Imagine what it would feel like to cultivate your best wishes – whether that be to work for yourself, travel across the world, create art, or do some yoga every day – and then watch those wishes become a reality now.

7. Purge the Things That No Longer Serve You.
Whether that’s 80% of your wardrobe or that drawer of old makeup, purge the things that no longer serve you. My minimalist friend, Liz, is always on a never-ending edit of pairing down her things to the most useful and most beautiful – feel free to find inspiration from her. Leo Babatua is another great writer on minimalism.

8. Burn Some Sage.
This is excellent for clearing some of that mental clutter and bad energy that no longer serves you.

9. Get It On.
Make out with someone you love or get it on with your own rad self. Celebrate the beginning of a new world with a bang.

10. More ideas: 
French press your coffee. Book a massage. Read your horoscope. Paint your nails. Use your best china. Drink some tea. Make art. Listen to your favorite album. Say a little prayer. Buy a nice bottle of wine and share it with a friend. Take a bath. Get your palm read. Wear your fancy undies. Create art. Bake something tasty. Look at a globe – make a list of all the places you want to visit. Burn some incense. Buy a plane ticket. Write in your journal. Watch a documentary. Hire a life coach. Bust out your old Holga and take some photos. Build a fire. Make a fort. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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