Does the Canvas Matter?


I’ve been thinking about art a lot lately. A lot, a lot. I’ve been wrapping my brain around complex questions and peeking through every nook, cranny, and brush stroke to try and find the answers. I’ve been picking brains and conversing with friends, new and old, over coffee about the value of art (and the artist) in today’s world. I’ve been reading books like The War of Art (amazing) and watching TED talks on creativity. I’ve also been doing the work – creating, questioning, and answering by getting my hands a little dirty.

In one of those coffee shop conversations my friend Dave posed the following question: does the canvas matter? You can read my response here.

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  1. by BUN

    I haven’t heard of that book before! ps- you should also check out ‘steal like an artist’. there’s a few one liners and general ideas that really struck a cord with me (it’s also an easy, quick and fun read).

  2. sarah

    What about the opposite where the work is sublime but the canvas is only temporary? I’m thinking like sand art, nail art or an amazing meal that gets eaten. It’s cool that you’re tackling the big questions!

  3. By BUN – I’ve been meaning to check that one out!

    Sarah – I love that even more. I’m starting to dabble in making fine art. And I’m using chalk. Because it’s not permanent. Wabi sabi at its finest.

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