Manifest Destiny

December 12, 2012



I learned about Manifest Destiny in the 9th grade from my history teacher Ms. Bahan. The phrase Manifest Destiny grabbed my imagination and sent me into a fantastic daydream about the pioneer days and you know… manifesting destinies. I was terribly disappointed when I learned that it was an alleged prearrangement, appointed by God, to expand and colonize and enslave and fight and trample over anyone who got in the way. I mean… that’s just some horseshit right there.

But to this day, when I’m on the highway driving through small towns with big fields and huge horizons, peppered with small farmhouses and happy cows I can’t help but whisper “Manifest Destiny” to myself. More recently, while feeling especially inspired by the view from the road, I even said the words out loud. Jeremy replied “I don’t think that means what you think it does.” But the political ideology behind that phrase isn’t nearly as strong as the daydream I had attached to it in that 9th grade history class.

But I do believe the universe gives us the right to manifest our destinies. We get to choose the life we live – the story we tell.

Over the summer I wasn’t feeling super content in my space. I felt weighed down by Oklahoma – the politics and scorching heat were bringing me way down. But lately… there has been a shift in energy. I’m finding my tribe here of artists, writers, photographers, dancers, and soul-seekers. Creatives who are manifesting their destinies and making magic happen right here at home. And instead of looking at my state through a lens of lack I’m seeing it as this place rich with prosperity and abundance – a place to convene, converse, and create.

I recently wrote a somewhat pointed and even sarcastic post* calling for creative entrepreneurs all over the world to stop spending their money and energy working just to pay the bills – to move to OKC and live what you love. But that sentiment has become a reality that I’m taking to heart. Lately, I’m finding myself committed to manifesting my destiny, hunting down beauty, making magic, chasing the dream and finding it all a little closer to home.

*Edit: Sarcastic isn’t the right word. I’m being completely serious about there being some pretty amazing creative energy here in Oklahoma. I suppose I was being sarcastic in that I don’t think many people would trade their amazing, progressive cities on the coasts for Oklahoma. 

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