Anatomy of an Outfit: I Wanna Be Sedated




So apparently you guys are interested in my super limited wardrobe. And with that you’ve inspired me to share what I’m wearing more often.

The Ben Sherman Jacket
I  paid full price for this jacket while my sister and I were on a business trip in Lawrence, Kansas. We had just launched Braid and I just knew this jacket would be the perfect compliment for my new business woman badass self. It was worth every penny.
I donated about three or four nine-to-five business jackets (and matching skirts) from my past life. 

The Ramones T-Shirt
In the seven years I’ve had this shirt I’ve been tempted to get rid of it at least a dozen times. My ex-husband owns a record store and he would get these bizarre shipments of band t-shirts from Kazakhstan. This Ramones t-shirt was in the mix. It’s ill-fitting, a bit too wide in the shoulders and a bit narrow around the hips, but something about it makes the cut every time I go through a closet purge.
I donated all my other band T-shirts. Even the ones that held sentimental value. Even the hand-printed Shins t-shirt I got from a show they played in a basement with an audience of 10 people. I don’t miss them and my memories of those concerts are still just as special and intact. 

The Belt 
I hijacked this belt from Jeremy. It’s the perfect orange-y brown color and goes perfectly with all my black boots.
I donated all my wide waist belts from Forever 21 that I thought were so cute … when I was 21. 

The SkarGorn Jeans 
Yup. These are still the same raw denim jeans I’m wearing for six months straight.
I donated at least 6 pairs of expensive designer denim jeans that I never wear but hung on to because they were so expensive once upon a time. They were worthless in my wardrobe because I never wore them.

The Frye Engineer Boots
They make me feel tough. And like I should own a Triumph motorcycle.
I think I’ll probably keep these boots forever.

The Hair
It makes people curious – which I love. If you guys have questions leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer.

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  1. Alyssa

    Ah, I’m so glad you posted this! I didn’t comment on the show up and be seen post, but you can bet I was wanting to know how you whittled down your wardrobe.

    I have this issue where I hang on to things because of a future, possible need and eventually it turns into a well I’ve hung on to them for this long!

    I can totally do it now. You’ve inspired me to just let go.

  2. Em

    nice ASS-ets Kathleen. When I read your blog posts I can hear you talking in your oky (okie?) accent. I miss your (amazing) ass, come visit me already.


    Also my boobs hurt this week, your post about coffee totally coincided with it… I’m confused.

  3. Good god, girl! Those jeans are gorgeous. Looks great on you, too. I don’t blame you for wearing them for six months. 🙂

  4. Amanda

    Love your comment about your memories still being special and intact. It’s something I have to keep in mind when going through things to give away!

  5. by BUN

    I’m obsessed with your hair! how long has it taken you? what’s the usual everyday maintenance like?

  6. Modo B

    You should have a Triumph motorcycle. They’re super fun. Every boot-lovin’ girl should own one. Or two. Or thirty.

  7. Modo B – YES! I love Triumphs. Right now I have a Vespa but I could see upgrading. 😉

  8. Charis

    Love your outfit Kathleen.. I’m in the process of downgrading my wardrobe too.. it’s kinda liberating!

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