Dream House

February 25, 2013






I have radically shifted from wanting to live in the creative hustle of a city like San Francisco or Brooklyn to craving a slow life set in a somewhat janky handmade house nestled in nature. So when I came across this book, Handmade Houses: A Century of Earth-Freindly Home Design, on the 700 shelf at the library this weekend I became completely hypnotized by the fantasy. (Which totally includes a shirtless Jeremy in bellbottoms holding a happy nekkid baby.) I don’t have a library card of my own, so I had my mom check it out for me – since then I’ve been thumbing through the pages, overwhelmed by want.

As Jeremy and I continue to grow our lives together the fuzzy possibility of one day building our very own dream house starts to come in focus. But sometimes that dream house looks like a cobblestone hut in the Himalayas. Other times it looks like a bungalow on stilts with a view of a sunset over the ocean. And sometimes it looks like an Airstream hitched on the back of a Land Rover. But when I’m feeling especially grateful, it looks like the very place I am right now.

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