Braid Workshop Scholarship

March 28, 2013

I was recently talking with my good friend Dave about the struggles working artists face. I would describe my friend Dave as a catalyst and dot-connector and, aside from my sister, he is my very favorite person to talk shop with. He is philosophical and aspirational but also rooted in what’s real. He describes himself as a skeptic but I’ve found his worldview to be nothing short of inspiring and optimistic.  So we were recently chatting about “the starving artist” when he described a triangle of three components that make up the culture and a new kind of capitalism for working artists.


Creativity: This is the “genius” that moves through artists and compels them to write, draw, design, make music, take photos, craft jewelry, sew, dance, etc. Sure, artists can experience painful “creative blocks”, but this corner of the triangle is usually the most natural place for them to hang out.

Society: If we don’t have the courage to bring our art to society then we’re doing ourselves, and our community, a disservice. But it can be scary to put your neck out there – to show up and be seen.

Marketplace: The marketplace is the part most artists struggle with the most. This corner of the triangle is where you get paid for your work. The starving artist is a concept I’d like to put to rest already. Art is not only valuable – it’s an essential component to a thriving society.

This triangle got me thinking about what Tara and I have chosen as our higher purpose – the meaning behind our work – which is to help creative entrepreneurs live what they love. We do this through the lens of branding. But the “why” behind good branding is so these creatives could better share themselves and sell their work. Soon the “why” began to dominate our attention. We love good brand identities and brand stories but we also recognize that an authentic brand comes from the inside out and is so much more than a kickass logo. That’s when we started sharing 10-minute brand exercises, developing our Braid ECourses for creatives and now a workshop.

So our Braid Workshop is going to specifically address the two corners of this triangle that can feel scary, icky and overwhelming: sharing yourself to society (that’s what we call personal branding) and selling your work to the marketplace.

Braid Workshop Introduction from Braid Creative on Vimeo.

The International Arts Movement (IAM) has generously sponsored the Braid Workshop and is giving one creative entrepreneur the opportunity to attend for free. IAM is a non-profit arts organization that is dedicated to inspiring a global community to create work that is “rehumanizing” and re-imagines what the world “ought to be.” You can learn more about International Arts Movement here.

To apply for this scholarship simply comment answering these three questions: 
1. What is your art? (I use the word “art” loosely – this can apply to everything from writing to photography to graphic design to crafting to even something more service based like life coaching).
2. For you, what is the scariest part about sharing yourself? 
3. For you, what is the hardest part about selling your work? 
Be sure to include your email with your answers and confirm your availability to attend the workshop in OKC on May 4th, 2013. This scholarship is worth $500 and can only be redeemed as your workshop fee. This scholarship does not include the cost of travel or accommodations. Tara and I will review the answers and pick a scholarship attendee by next Friday, April 5th.


If you enter this contest and don’t win but still want to attend, I will honor early bird pricing of $425 for you through April 8th. After that the workshop price goes up to $500.

If any of you are interested in sponsoring a creative entrepreneur to attend the Braid Workshop contact me for details at 

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