Jeremy Is An Engineer

March 25, 2013



“So … Jeremy … what do you do?”

This is what new friends and acquaintances ask Jeremy after he’s politely given me the spotlight. After I’ve managed to explain what I do (creative entrepreneurs! branding! business visioning! coaching!) and over share my most recent embarrassing moment (I accidentally yelled “F*ck the Oxford comma”* at an awards banquet that I wore a ROBE to),  they will turn towards Jeremy and ask him what he does. What does this guy, married to a girl who wears dreadlocks and outfits for the post-apocalypse in public, do?

I can’t really talk about his work on this blog, but I can tell you that Jeremy’s job title is electronics engineer. Right now he’s being paid by his job to work, full time, on getting his masters degree in electrical and computer engineering. And even more specifically, right now, as I type this, he is building a robot. A 6lb. sumo robot. Last semester was more about 40 page math problems in which the infinity symbol and greek letters were in his equations. I can’t even begin to comprehend his genius.

But it’s not just his work that impresses (and mystifies) me. Jeremy is zen. Like … totally chill. He’s the kind of chill that people, like me, spend hours upon hours of yoga and meditation and journaling trying to achieve.

So pretty much Jeremy is the left brain to my right. The Greg to my Dharma. The calm to my crazy. The engineer to my artist. He’s the grid to all my crazy colorful wires.

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