Love and Robots

March 29, 2013


Tuesday night Jeremy spent the night down at OU putting the final touches on his robot. He grabbed four hours of half-assed shut-eye in a sleeping bag under his work bench while other students desperately hurried to finish their bots. Meanwhile, I managed to give myself Texas Chainsaw Massacre style nightmares all night.

I met up with Jeremy on Wednesday afternoon, before his robot competition, in the lab as he put the final touches on his bot. The room smelled like college – the odor that comes from all-nighters and stale pizza. Everyone was rocking some red eyes and unkempt facial hair. After a few final tweaks and tests, we headed over to the competition where Jeremy’s robot came in second place by just 1/2 a point in the final round. I looked around and found myself completely out of my element. In a moment of self-consciousness, I considered that I might even be a bit embarrassing to my other half.

I shared this moment of insecurity with Jeremy on the drive home. He grabbed my hand and said “Nobody could possibly understand the whole story of who I am until they meet you.” It goes both ways, and I couldn’t have said it better.

P.S. Yesterday we celebrated four years of marriage. 

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