I Ran Away to Mexico

April 25, 2013









Yesterday I woke up at 4AM and in what still felt like the middle of a cold Spring night I ran away to Mexico with my friend Claire. It was a long and tiring day of travel, but by 3PM we had our fill of guacamole and ceviche and were napping on the beach. This adventure actually began over a couple glasses of wine at a dinner out with my girlfriends. It was a chilly night in March when Claire said “I’m going to go to Tulum. Wanna go?” I said yes and I think it may have shocked her that I had my plane tickets purchased the next morning. And now I’ve shocked myself that I’m actually here.

Last night Claire and I walked down a long stretch of road. We walked by the most beautiful sunset and almost full moon. The sky turned dark as we walked past small boutiques and local restaurants, with the smell of generators and the salty ocean in the air. We sat down to dinner of a whole roasted fish and a jicama salad. Mosquitos bit my sun soaked skin. Ah, yes – only in paradise can insect bites and sunburns feel glamorous.

We have a week of chilling, reading, exploring, and definitely not-getting-into-any-troubleing to do. But at the same time, I’m going to experiment with capturing, shaping, sharing, and even working as I go. I’ll be posting to Braid about what it’s like to work from paradise when I return. For this trip I thought I’d leave the big, nice camera home and challenge myself with just capturing photos on my iPhone and using the VSCO app to process the snaps I get. (I won’t be posting all of my photos to Instagram as I go, but you can follow me here for updates between posts.)

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