Sayulita Beach

May 16, 2013



Yesterday we laid on the beach all. day. long. I read a book on my Kindle and just as I was feeling 100% lazy bones I decided to rent a paddle board – it’s like a surf board you stand on and with one oar you paddle around the ocean. My goal for this trip was to learn to surf but in reality I think paddle boarding is much more my speed. At one point while I was playing around in the ocean I thought “I want to see a shark.” Testing my luck the Universe, if you will. So I’m paddling around and I see something moving below my board. I think “It’s a shark!” but instead it was a huge spotted sting ray that performed a little lyrical swim right in front of me. Everything around me became still – time seemed to slow down and I couldn’t hear anything – but after a few long seconds the sting ray swam off into the darkness of the ocean. My heart started beating so fast and I was so excited – all while trying to maintain my balance on the paddle board. It was pretty much the coolest moment of my life.

The peddlers on the beach are non-stop. Anything you need they’ve got including jewelry, pipes, beaded bracelets, tunics, blankets, sports themed ceramic bowls, donuts, cokes, stuffed animals, and scarves. I started referring to them as the Beach Shopping Network. Saying no became easy enough but one hippie dude with really nice teeth accused me of not having an open heart and open mind when I refused to purchase a CD featuring a local Sayulita rasta musician. I do however regret not picking up a hat from the lady pictured above. Maybe today.

P.S. Jeremy was organizing my backpack yesterday and laughed when he came across a few of my lucky charms, which I’ve started bringing along on my travels. Lucky Kitty was especially stoked to be kicking it on the beach with me.

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