Sayulita | Sailing with Friends

May 17, 2013




Jeremy and I were loading up on mangos and avocados at the local market when we ran into our new friend Darrin painting his office from a pea green to a warm blue. He was covered in paint – as was his Dauchsund, Osa. We exchanged a bit of small talk and he invited us back out on his sailboat for a sunset cruise the next day. Why not?

Darrin had just finished a day charter when we arrived at the marina with his German girlfriend, Gabby. The sailboat was filled to the brim with drunk sunburnt Aussies – slamming back just one more shot of tequila before departing from their day adventure – sharing with us their jellyfish battle wounds  and promising us we were about to have the time of our lives. Oh, we know all about it. 

The party crew left and there was a quieter bunch of us left on the boat – some people I recognized from around town. We chatted about alternative medicine, meditation, food, and iPhone photography. Yes… these are my people. During this evening ride we were really able to set sail – and I felt the magic that happens when the sails catch the wind. It was a powerful, fast, and bumpy ride. I was behind the wheel, trying to maintain any sort of sea sickness I may or may not have been feeling, when Darrin insisted I go sit up on the bow. And so I did. I’m still feeling the waves today.

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