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June 19, 2013



It’s easy to imagine that the bloggers and other creative entrepreneurs are constantly living fabulous lives 100% of the time. There is no daily grind. Only fantasy and glamour.

For example, it’s easy to imagine that Liz is always kneading dough for homemade pasta and making bitters from scratch with herbs from her garden. I imagine her boyfriend only takes breaks from making out with her to grill up some grass-fed steak for the two of them. It’s hard to imagine her running errands in congested traffic to buy toilet paper that she accidentally ran out of in the middle of the day.

Or, it’s easy to imagine Kelli making rad illustrations all day with a happy toddler playing with wooden toys by her side. It’s hard to imagine her staring at a wall, or doing dishes that have been sitting in the sink just a little too long, or mindlessly watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

And me? You might imagine that I live my life against a chalkboard backdrop and on top of curated textiles. It might be hard to imagine that my desk is a total pit, cluttered in paper and batteries and half full glasses of water (which it is).

I love that as bloggers we can pick the best stuff to share – I truly believe it makes our lives a little more memorable and a little more interesting. But at the same time I’m fascinated by schedules, rough sketches, to-do lists, and the contents of other people’s refrigerators. I love indulging in the fantasy but I’m just as curious about the reality. I want to know what the daily grind looks like.

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So I thought I might share the details of my own daily grind – here’s what yesterday looked like for me:

6:38AM – Our quiet alarm goes off. It’s already light outside and Jeremy gets up to go pee – Mister Boots follows him into the bathroom. I lay in bed and wonder if it’s possible that it is actually Saturday instead of Tuesday.
6:51AM – I crawl out of bed and throw on my robe. I make my way to the kitchen but not without slamming my thigh into the dining room table for the 5th time this week.
6:54AM – Jeremy has the tea kettle going and my morning chants on Spotify playing. I make sweet potato hash browns with fried eggs.
7:10AM – We eat breakfast and each browse our own laptops. I alternate between my RSS feed and Pinterest.
7:55AM – Jeremy leaves for work. I put on some Lululemon and go for a morning walk.
8:45AM – I get home from my walk, drink a glass of water, and check my email at the breakfast nook table.
9:00AM – Tara and Kristin show up for work. I’m still in my walking outfit. I go to the bathroom and quickly put on some makeup and straighten my bangs – which always feels a little silly considering I have a head full of dreads.
9:30AM – Tara and I have a meeting with a local Braid Method client (an established and respected expert who drives a Mercedes) in her cozy home. It’s good to get a sense of who this client really is in her own space. Towards the end of the meeting I become distracted by how badly I have to pee. I try to decide whether I should hold it or not. I ultimately decide on holding it.
11:32AM – Tara drops me off at my house before running to pick up our quarterly tax receipts to mail in. I run inside to pee. I make a quick lunch consisting of greek yogurt, almond butter, a dash of honey, sliced banana and strawberries. I check my email and send out reminders to my coaching clients for our upcoming sessions.
12:00PM – I spend the next 1.5 hours teleconferencing in on my Martha Beck life coach training. I start out in the breakfast nook but end up on the couch with all my notes and laptop surrounding me.
1:42PM – The Martha Beck call is running long. I hang up just before it wraps up. I go make myself another bowl of greek yogurt and strawberries (I’m addicted). I check my email and respond to a few requests for quotes.
2:00PM – I have a Life Coaching for Creatives session with a crazy-talented and sweet gal in New York. I was tired going into the call but towards the end felt energized by it all.
2:55PM – I check my email and write a quick Braid ECourse procedures and policies email to Emily Thompson, who is now managing all of our ESales. I touch base with Tara who is working from her house for the afternoon regarding the Braid blog post on dream customer catching today. Then I write my tax checks – one to the IRS and one to the State of Oklahoma. I feel very grown up.
3:32PM – I take a few Anatomy of an Outfit photos and edit images for this blog post today.
4:00PM – I have a another coaching session via Skype with a creative in Dallas. I definitely blurted out something along the lines of “We’re all going to die. You should launch that website.” I tried not to get caught up in how embarrassed I was that I said that out loud and recognized that I have a lot to learn when it comes to coaching.
4:55PM – I get off that session and check my Twitter and Instagram. I’m surprised that Jeremy isn’t home yet and remember that he had a haircut after work. I text him to say hello and that I’ll be going to the gym and that we’ll have leftovers for dinner.
5:05PM – I change back into my Lululemon gear and head out to the YMCA for a BodyPump class. I wish it had a different name than BodyPump.
6:30PM – I’m starving on my way home. I start thinking about eating leftovers (tilapia, veggies, eggs, avocado, and more greek yogurt). But I come home and see a package on the breakfast nook table. It’s a machete I ordered for Claire.
6:40PM – I wrap the machete in tissue paper and twine and deliver it to Claire (she lives just around the corner). We take silly photos with the machete and play with her new kitty, Chai.
7:30PM – We make our way back home. I heat up dinner on the stove and we eat it while watching an old Daily Show with John Oliver hosting. I get distracted thinking about how much cat hair has collected on my couch. I think about a Martha Stewart interview I read on a plane about how she has 8 dogs but is sure to never let dog hair find its way on her furniture or guests.
7:50PM – We grab some dark chocolate and watch the first episode of the new season of True Blood. It’s a total circus. I consider giving up on this show.
8:50PM – After True Blood I play a few games of Bejeweled Blitz on my phone. And by a few games I mean 30 minutes. I’m addicted. I get up to wash my face and brush my teeth. As I’m flossing I notice some significant pain in my back molars but I can’t tell if it’s my gums or my teeth. I take a shower – Jeremy joins. But it’s not super sexy like – instead I make him examine my molars. I dry off, crawl in bed, and Google “gum pain vs. tooth pain” on my phone. Everything I’m finding is telling me that no matter what I’m going to need a root canal. I play more Bejeweled Blitz next to Jeremy who is now also playing Bejeweled Blitz on his phone. I decide we need some more quality time together.
10:20PM – Lights out for a night of dreaming about RVs and teenage gorillas with dreads hitting on me.

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So that was my day – and it’s pretty typical of what most of my days look like. It’s not 100% super fabulous or art directed. But there were some pretty great moments in there – moments I could distill and bottle up and even blog about if I wanted to.

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