Family Vacation

June 24, 2013






I’m not sure how much I’ve shared here but it’s no secret that toward the end of our Sayulita, Mexico trip Jeremy and I started getting homesick. Sure, we had each other and we love a good adventure – but we were ready to be home. We had even considered the possibility of changing our flight to get back a day early. But Sayulita was only the middle of a string of summer travel. I only had a day to unpack my bags before heading back down to Houston, TX to work with Brené – which was right on the heels of a family vacation to Seaside, Florida.

I was thinking I might not even blog about this particular family vacation. In part, because I didn’t do a great job documenting the affair. In fact, I spent most of the vacation feeling pukey and catching up on sleep. I also considered what it might be like to have a normal vacation without blogging about it. But two weeks later I’m starting to feel a bit nostalgic – this family vacation is one I never want to forget. It’s rare that the whole gang I call family convenes in one place together. Me, Jeremy, my sister, her husband and their two kids (ages 9 and 5), my mom and dad (still married after 40+ years), and my circus sideshow brother and his beautiful burlesque dancing girlfriend – all together for a week of beaching, hole-digging, eating, swimming, Settlers-of-Cataning and seriously lazy lounging. It was uneventful but reliable – peppered with inside-jokes, hearty laughs, cold beers, and a few sideways glares – just like a perfect family vacation should be. Sure, I still craved my own bed and my own food – but I didn’t feel very far away from home.

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