14 Weeks | It’s Like Puberty

July 18, 2013




Now that I’m out of my first trimester pregnancy is feeling a lot less like a 24/7 hangover from an evening filled with tequila shots, pole dancing, and cheap pizza, and is a lot more like the awkwardness of going through puberty. You’ve got raging hormones and the things boys say (or don’t say) can send you into a fit of tears. At 14 weeks you might not look visibly pregnant yet, but like puberty your frame has transformed from tall, lean, and athletic to Marilyn-Monroe-curvy. And instead of drilling your friends for details about tampons and sex, you’re more interested in hearing the details of birth stories and gestational diabetes. And rather than having vivid make out dreams featuring your weird celebrity crush (Alan Cumming, if you must know), you have lucid dreams about breast feeding – and it’s shockingly blissful.

And speaking of boobies, holy hell, where did these come from!? It was an awkward and somewhat painful transition going from an A cup to a C cup overnight – and they don’t seem to be stopping there. Flashing Jeremy and exclaiming “LOOK AT THESE AWESOME BOOBIES!” has become my new favorite party trick that I like to bust out multiple times a day. On the flip side, sleeping on my side isn’t as comfortable as it once was, but more importantly WHAT IF I NEED TO SHOOT A BOW AND ARROW AND THESE BOOBIES ARE IN MY WAY!?

But seriously, you guys. I always imagined when I got pregnant that my body would pretty much stay the same. I imagined my growth would remain isolated to my belly only as the baby grew. So I don’t entirely understand why my whole body is expanding so drastically when this little baby is only the size of a 3 oz. navel orange. Just like everything else, I’m blaming the hormones.

Field Notes and Observations:
• Maternity clothes: I’ve grown out of half of my already small-ish wardrobe. I’m grateful for a mild case of body dysmorphia / slouchy sense of style because I can still fit into my clothes that are 3 sizes too big. I recruited my mom, sister, and Jeremy to go shopping with me for a few new dresses – one of them is legitimately a maternity label. Without much of a bump I feel like a fraud shopping maternity. I’m also raiding Jeremy’s wardrobe – the shorts pictured above are his. I also bought 4 new bras seeing as how none of my old ones fit anymore.
• Supplements: I take a Perfect Prenatal multivitamin by New Chapter and Wholemega fish oil by New Chapter. I also recently started drinking protein shakes (I spend a lot of money for the purest protein out there) – for the baby but also for my own muscles too.
• Sore Abs: the sides of my lower abs are constantly sore. I think ligaments are beginning to stretch.
• Slow Digestion: my digestion is super slow and sluggish. I’ve found that small, Paleo meals has helped me from feeling too bloated.
• Hurry, no wait: Sometimes I can’t wait to meet this little baby. Other times, 5.5 months away seems too soon to be adding a whole new person to our little family.
• Eating My Placenta: I’m about to click “buy” on having my placenta encapsulated after delivery. I probably wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t have you guys to share the “I ate my placenta” story to – it’s blog fodder, really. So if you think it’s weird just know that it’s your own fault that I’m doing it in the first place.
• Hiring a Doula: the biggest decision I’ve made this week is to move forward with hiring a doula. My first recommendation is already booked for my due date. So if you know someone great in the OKC area I’m checking out my options. I’m looking for someone who is equal parts competent, calm, a little funny, tough loving, but also kind.

I’m still completely open to advice and insights around the topic of pregnancy. Especially relating to maternity clothes, mentally coping with a changing body, birthing methods and techniques, books I should read, and what you think about placenta-eating and doula-hiring.

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