15 Weeks | It Takes Time

July 25, 2013



Time is such a funny thing. It’s quite malleable, really – sometimes it stretches and other times it seems to contract and silently speed by. With that I can’t believe I’m already 15 weeks into this pregnancy – that in just over 5 months I’ll be bringing a whole new person into our family and into the world. Other times I can’t believe I’m only 15 weeks in – it feels as if this in-between phase of almost but not quite is going to be never-ending. I simply cannot wait to put some baby feet in my mouth (side note: one of my earliest memories is of my mom changing my diaper and kissing on my toes – it was total bliss). Then I find myself grateful that I have a whole 5+ months to get my act together – it’s certainly the longest deadline I’ve ever worked with. On the to-do list: gather all the baby things, decorate a nursery (it will be Wes Anderson Adventure Travel themed), read all the books, find enlightenment.

I’m learning that just like courage requires fear, patience takes time. It’s a lesson I’ve been needing to learn. This baby is already quite the teacher.

Field Notes & Observations: 
• Sometimes the bump is very much there. Other times, not so much. Fortunately, I’m not too anxious for it to be 100% obvious that I’m pregnant.
• I feel a constant kind of pressure / heaviness in my uterus. It feels almost identical to what I’d experience 2 days before I’d start my period. This sensation always leaves me anticipating blood – which isn’t cool.
• I’m sometimes legitimately afraid that I might poop or sneeze or orgasm the baby right out of my body.
• I sometimes feel fluttering in my pelvis. I’d like to think it’s the baby – but it could be a bundle of nerves going whack.
• Jeremy has named the fetus “Cletus”.
• I have a very strong feeling it’s a girl. We’ll hopefully be finding out at our next ultrasound scheduled for the end of August.
• I am moving forward with encapsulating my placenta. AND getting placenta art prints made. I’m mostly doing it (the prints, that is) because it makes my friends laugh when I tell them.
• I’ve scheduled a meeting with a doula who specializes in Hypnobirthing.
• With enthusiastic clearance from my midwife and encouragement from Jeremy, I enjoyed a small glass of red wine with dinner the other evening. I have to admit that I haven’t been as chill as I would like to be during this pregnancy – so it’s almost like having this one glass of wine was proof that I haven’t become a control-freak hormonal worry-monster. I plan on enjoying a few more glasses throughout this pregnancy – even if I have to pretend like I’m European to do so.
• I also eat other stuff on the “BAD!” list in moderation – like soft cheese and smoked fish. Even after being off coffee for over 6 months I’ve been indulging in a cup every morning while on vacation (being in 50F weather, in a cabin on Lake Michigan will trigger the need for a hot cup of joe). But I steer clear of sprouts… and crack.
• I think it’s time to invest in one of those belly bands that allows you to wear your normal jeans… but unbuttoned. Can anyone recommend a good brand?

A note on my outfit: The top is RVCA and the jeans are Fidelity. Both from Blue7 in OKC.

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