Anatomy of an Outfit | Canadian Tuxedo

July 1, 2013



Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends up north! I’m celebrating with you by wearing head to toe denim.

We had a good weekend over here. The highlights included beautiful weather and a chill day at the lake house with my family, cardamom ice cream and Indian buffet (I’m feeling another Whole30 coming on soon), and dinner with friends out on their farm.

It’s a short but packed week here with 4th of July coming up. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:
• Belly dancing! I can’t wait to go back.
• Going to the movies. I want to see either The Bling Ring or World War Z. What do you guys recommend?
• A root touch-up. My hair is going from looking intentional to straight up lazy fast.
• Beyonce! Some people find it surprising that I’d go see Beyonce in concert. But I can’t contain my girl crush on Queen Bey.
• 4th of July! We don’t have any plans yet but I’m looking forward to the day off with a fireworks finale.

How was your weekend? Any fun plans for the week?  

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