Casa Jaguar

July 15, 2013


Today I’m feeling nostalgic for Tulum. Just three months ago Claire and I were eating whole fish and sipping on white wine under a full moon (in Scorpio) at Casa Jaguar – every single night. It became an indulgent routine that made us feel like we were really living the life (and we were). Claire and I quickly became friends with Diego, the owner of the stylish haunt. We shared a love for zombie escape plans and Quentin Tarantino films. He took us swimming in a cenote (filled with crocodiles) and introduced us to the proper way to drink Mezcal (with orange slices sprinkled with cayenne). Diego had impeccable taste in music and with that Casa Jaguar had a soundtrack-worthy playlist that made the whole experience feel extra magical.

So on our last evening at Casa Jaguar I tapped into some spotty wi-fi and Sound Hounded each song playing – then I added it to a Spotify playlist. You’re welcome.

Listen to my Casa Jaguar playlist on Spotify.

Updated: I’m including the list of tracks for my international & Canadian friends who don’t have Spotify.

1. Mother Protect / Niki & The Dove
2. Mercy Street / Fever Ray
3. Disparate Youth / Santigold
4. Clair De Lune / Flight Facilities
5. The Gambling Priest / Danger Mouse
6. Tense Past / Holy Other
7. Smalltalk / Ultraista
8. The Dark Side of the Frog / Modeselektor
9. Tides / xx
10. Province / TV on the Radio
11. Happiness / Goldfrapp
12. Play / Iamamiwhoami
13. Me Gustas Cuando Callas / Brazilian Girls
14. Hysteric / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15. Bad Insect / Ultraista
16. Gentle Roar / Niki & The Dove  

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P.S. I’m always looking for new stuff to listen to. Link me to your favorite playlist in the comments. 

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