My Spirit Animal

July 11, 2013


Do you have a spirit animal?

Right now you’re either clicking “comment” to tell me exactly what your spirit animal is. Or you’re feeling confused – maybe even a sense of urgency around not knowing what your spirit animal is or that you even needed one.

I used to think I’d need a shaman in a “medicine”-hazed ceremony to tell what my spirit animal is – or for my spirit animal to come to me in a deep meditative state and provide me with a cryptic meaning of life. But I think it’s a little easier and more intuitive than that. For me it’s as simple as answering the question “If you could be any animal what would it be and why?” A friend of mine determined her spirit animal by noticing a white butterfly every time she felt especially tapped into the universe (she admitted that a butterfly wouldn’t necessarily be her pick but … it picked her).

My spirit animal? The yak. I’ve always loved beastly bovine creatures. When I was in middle school I came across an image of a Scottish highland cow in a text book (the kind cow with long hair and bangs covering their eyes). I thought it was so cute that I cut the photo out of the book (bad!) and kept it in my wallet for the next 8 years. When I was 15 and locked eyes with a cow being transported on the highway in the back of a truck – and that’s when I dramatically decided to become a vegetarian. Then the yaks in Nepal captured my whole heart. I was obsessed. I would take a photograph of each and every yak we passed. I nearly died from the cuteness that was a field of baby yak. I even watched two manly yaks fight over a lady yak (also known as a nak) for a solid hour or two. And when things got hard on that trek (and they did) I would channel the energy and power of the yak into my legs. I took it step-by-powerful-step – just like the beasts I was sharing the Himalayan trails with.

So… do you have a spirit animal? What is it? And why?

P.S. Thank you so much for all the sweet notes you left me and Jeremy in my last post. It’s hard to respond to all of them but we read (and smile) at each and every well wish. It really means a lot. 

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