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July 22, 2013


As much as I’d like to think of myself as a super sexy post-apocalyptic adventuring entrepreneurial badass, the truth is there is little I like more than hunkering down on my couch, in my undies, with a bowl of food and a good show. I’m not even pretending that I don’t love TV by only watching it in secret on my laptop. Nope. I’ve got a flat screen TV that takes up a legitimate amount of real estate in my living room, a sound bar, and a subscription to HBO and Netflix. I also just recently discovered that I can buy movies for pretty cheap on Amazon Prime and am a sucker for a good romantic comedy. And what’s most revealing of my TV addiction is that I can fall into a nice funk when I don’t have a reliable Sunday evening show to watch.

More recently I kept seeing these Netflix Original Series pop up in my queue. I wasn’t sure how to feel about them – were they the poor man’s HBO? Were they going to be poorly produced, low budget shows with dialogue written by interns? Finally, I had heard enough about House of Cards that I hit play. And then we didn’t stop for a week straight. Then I saw a Tweet from a reliable source who said Orange is the New Black was pretty good too. So I started watching that – and of course I’m obsessed. They’re both awesome – and they make me think that Netflix is going to give cable a run for its money and completely change the landscape of TV as we know it.

House of Cards is Kevin Spacey at his finest. I also love looking at Robin Wright. I’m not a political junkie and I’m honestly not smart enough to keep up with Aaron Sorkin dramas but I really enjoyed House of Cards. If you like Homeland you’ll probably like House of Cards (and vice versa).

I was a big fan of the earlier seasons of Weeds but towards the end it became a bit of a train wreck. I was worried Orange is the New Black (by the same creator, Jenji Kohan) would be gimmicky or absurd, where Weeds left off. But not at all. It’s a great balance of drama and comedy and has had me and Jeremy laughing out loud on more than one occasion.

I won’t go into official reviews of these shows – you can find those from more eloquent sources. But I do highly recommend both.

What have you been watching lately? I’m always on the hunt for a good show (or movie). 

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