16 weeks | Vivid Dreams

August 2, 2013



One of the side-effects of pregnancy that I was not expecting was the vivid dreams. (Interestingly enough, vivid dreaming is a side-effect of being in high-altitude.) The dreams are intense and very realistic. Blissful dreams of breastfeeding newborns, dreams that I’m standing at the foot of a hospital bed watching a baby being born, super racy dreams, and really mundane (but surprisingly prophetic) dreams about daily tasks that often leave my conscious mind confused “I thought I already … Or was that just a dream?” And then there are the nightmares of bloody sheets and missing heartbeats that I try my best to ignore.

I first learned about dream interpretation while taking a night class in metaphysics. The topic of dream analysis recently came up again in my Martha Beck coaching training where she taught us how to interpret dreams using the Carl Jung method – I’m eager to learn more. I am going to commit to keeping a dream journal throughout the rest of this pregnancy – a habit I enjoy, but have let fall by the wayside. Just last night I dreamed that I was climbing down a mountain that was in the shape of a dragon – my mom was trying to make my path a little less treacherous as I repelled down the scaly spine of the beast. I’m still deciphering the symbolism there.

Aside from the dreams that keep my subconscious busy through the night I’ve seemed to have recaptured my ability to day dream, my favorite past time. But this ability to stretch my imagination was put at a serious halt for present-moment priorities throughout my first trimester. The flood of hormones in unfamiliar quantities seemed to be much more concerned with here-and-now survival than the moodboarding of my future desires. I’m sure the constant reminder that 1-in-4 pregnancies in the first trimester ends in miscarriage kept me from becoming too hopeful or excited as well.

But these days I spend my daily morning walks letting my mind wander to baby feet, onesies, holidays with baby, the kind of mom I want to be, all the places I want to take my kiddo (should we highpoint all 50 states or do the Appalachian trail?), and all the family cuddle-fests to be had. I’m creating a collage in my mind of the kind of magical life I want to live – the kind of life I will make. I’ve traded in nausea for thirst, and fear for fantasy. It feels good to be back.

Field Notes & Observations: 
• I bought The Baby Book by Dr. Sears on my Kindle. I’m only 7% in and am already feeling empowered by having more knowledge around delivery, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc.
• I also checked out Primal Moms Look Good Naked by Peggy Emch. I get frustrated reading about how I need to be eating dry wheat toast, apple sauce, low fat cottage cheese and minimal fish for optimal health when my grain-free paleo diet is rich in eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, avocados, loads of fish and full fat Greek yogurt. So it was nice to read about a pregnancy through a paleo lens. At times I felt the author was relying too much on her own experience and citing unimpressive resources. I would recommend It Starts With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig for anyone, pregnant or otherwise, who is interested in going paleo. But if you want to go deeper into a paleo pregnancy check out Primal Moms Look Good Naked.
• Note to self: do not look at old bikini photos of yourself from last summer. And while you’re at it stop comparing yourself to everyone else who is hash tagging #16weeks on Instagram. And stop Googling celebrity pregnancies “before and after’ – it does you no good and goes completely against your morals.
• I have a lot more energy to care about eating well and am back into my daily workout routine. I’ll share more details next week.
• I get weird growing pains in the middle of the night – but am still comfortable sleeping on my back and stomach. I still have to wake up to pee 3x a night.
• I peed myself a little sneezing. Twice. I have a feeling this will only get worse.

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